Why is the legal process of my Ontario personal injury claim so long?

After clients have filed their Ontario personal injury claim,  they can be surprised by the length of time it takes to see any real action. Clients want to know why their lawsuit is taking time to unfold and what is currently being done.

To have your questions on the claim process answered, call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers at +1 (613) 233-4529. We can explain the process of information gathering, and tracking records, and why these factors contribute to the time it takes for you to see progress.

For the first 6 months of a claim, we do a significant amount of work behind the scenes that clients do not see.

Watch as Lianne Laing and Brenda Hollingsworth talk about the process of an Ontario personal injury claim.  We describe in detail the steps involved in information tracking and authorizations that help to build your case toward success on CTV Morning Live.

If you have suffered an Ontario personal injury and would like to receive advice on how to proceed with a claim contact Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers at +1 (613) 233-4529. They can start your claim and get you on track toward the compensation you deserve.

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