Why Many Ontario Personal Injury Cases Settle for Too Little

Are You Getting What You Deserve for Your Ottawa Accident Case?

Individuals who have suffered serious personal injury due to an Ontario accident should receive fair compensation for their pain and suffering.  Unfortunately, many personal injury cases settle for much less than they should.  While the law and legal proceedings can be complicated, lengthy, and sometimes overwhelming for injured individuals, there is no good reason why
they should not receive the compensation they deserve.  That being said, there are a few reasons why personal injury cases often settle for less.

Lack of Preparation for Examination for Discovery

One of the reasons is that in some cases, clients are not prepared for examination and discovery.  This means that the lawyer has not adequately prepared their client for what will happen and what may be required of them when evidence is presented and when the individual might have to share their side of the story.  Everyone facing a personal injury case should be informed and well-prepared for the process that lay ahead.  Not being adequately prepared can negatively impact the case and result in a lower settlement.

No Review of Your Past Medical History

Often, clients are familiar with their entire past medical history.  It can be easy for someone to forget certain past injuries, illnesses, or medications they were on, and not knowing all of this information can damage a personal injury case.  It is important to get all of your past medical records so that you are up-to-date with what all of your medical records say.  It is important to
be familiar with all of your medical history because past injuries or illnesses or other medical conditions can have an impact on your case and on the compensation you may be entitled to.

Appropriate Expert Reports

Another reason why personal injury cases often settle for less is that some lawyers do not obtain appropriate reports from experts.
If you are facing an injury case you should be confident that your lawyer will do everything required to achieve a successful outcome for your case.  If lawyers fail to prepare or submit all of the necessary reports or even additional reports that would
benefit your case, the outcome is likely not going to be as good as it could have been.

 Settling Too Quickly

And lastly, sometimes cases are settled too quickly when the extent of the individual’s injuries or their future job
prospects are not yet fully known.  It can be tempting to settle a case quickly since you may feel like you just want
to get it over with or you want to save time and money.  While these are important factors to consider, by settling too early, you risk losing the compensation you may otherwise receive.  It is unwise to settle a case before the injuries and job prospects have been adequately assessed.

There is No Substitute for Good Representation

Facing a personal injury case can be daunting but if you work with the right lawyer, you should receive the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.  Be sure to work with a lawyer in whom you have the utmost confidence and who you can trust to adequately represent you.

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