Auger Hollingsworth Successful Case Results

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth have won over 2,000 cases and $170 million in compensation for our clients. Learn about some of our successful results below.

A graphic with two cars crashed in the background, and the text says, "A man in his mid-30’s injured in a single-car accident settled his claim for more than $1.3 Million."

Car Accident Case Results

  •  A 42-year-old father of two suffered memory and balance issues from a severe concussion caused by a car accident. He received close to $2,000,000 for his injuries which stopped him from returning to work.
  • Settlement of more than $1.3 Million for a man injured in a single vehicle accident. The man has very serious injuries and received this settlement from the accident benefit insurer.
  • A man who suffered severe psychological injuries after a collision involving a fatality was deemed catastrophically impaired by his insurance company and settled his accident benefits claim for $1,100,000.
  • A woman struck by a drunk driver received a car accident settlement in Ontario of $1 Million plus costs and disbursements.
  • A man injured in a single vehicle accident received a final settlement of $800,000.  He had previously received a significant advance.
  • A man who suffered serious psychological injuries in a motor vehicle accident received over $800,000 as an accident benefit settlement.

An Ottawa  man in his early 20’s got a judgment for $6.1 Million after a rollover accident on Highway 401 near Brockville, Ontario.  The man suffered a spinal cord injury.  This MVA accident settlement in Ontario was awarded by a judge.

  • $750,000 accident benefit settlement for seriously injured man in his twenties who was a passenger in a car accident on Highway 401 near Brockville, Ontario.  The insurer had previously purchased an Ottawa home for him.
  • A man who had a serious accident on Highway 401 settled his accident benefits claim for $750,000.  He had previously received funding from his insurance company for the full purchase price of a  new home in Ottawa.
  • A woman in her 30’s was deemed catastrophically injured when her car was struck by another vehicle. She suffered both physical and psychological impairments in the accident. She settled her accident claim for $750,0000.
  • A man from Carleton Place received a settlement of $600,000 from his accident benefits given his catastrophic injuries.
  • A man struck by a car on his bicycle received $590,000 at mediation.
A graphic of a crashed truck, and the text says, "A woman who suffered a shoulder injury in an accident with a truck settled her claim for $170,000."

Truck Accident Case Results

  • An Ottawa woman who suffered a concussion and a shoulder injury requiring surgery settled her MVA accident claim against the at fault driver of a tow truck for $170,000.  The woman had returned to work and is now doing well.
  • $65,000 for a man in a motor vehicle-truck-pedestrian case.

A woman in her 40’s was rear-ended by a truck and suffered tears to both hips, a shoulder tear, chronic pain and psychological impairments. She was deemed catastrophically impaired by her accident benefits insurer. She settled her tort claim at mediation for $550,000 and her accident benefits claim for over $700,000.

  • A man in his 80’s received a six-figure settlement after he was rear-ended by a truck on Preston Street.
  • A young mother woman who was struck by a pickup truck as she crossed the street in Carleton Place settled her claim for well over a million dollars.
A graphic of a bike laying on the ground after colliding with a car, and the text says, "A man in his 40’s settled his cycling accident case for $590,000 inclusive at mediation."

Bicycle Accident Case Results

  • A bike courier who broke his collar bone when he was run off the road and required surgery settled his claim for $150,000 at mediation.
  • A cyclist who was injured due to a defect on an Ottawa bike path was awarded $100,000 in settlement negotiations.
  • A young female cyclist in downtown Ottawa suffered an elbow fracture when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident in downtown Ottawa.  Before starting a lawsuit, she settled her case for $72,000.

A man struck on a bicycle received a settlement of $540,000 at mediation.

  • A cyclist who fractured his shoulder settled his case before mediation for $60,000.
  • A cyclist received a settlement of $55,000 at mediation. He struck the back of the vehicle in front of him.
  • A senior citizen who had an injury on an e-bike settled his accident benefit claim for $70,000.  No legal process was required.
A graphic of a man holding his neck after getting hit by a car, and the text says, "A man who was struck as a pedestrian settled his Ottawa lawsuit for $875,000."

Pedestrian Accident Case Results

  • A woman who was struck as a pedestrian in Westboro settled her tort claim for $450,000 and her accident benefits claim for $582,000.
  • A woman in her 50’s settled her claim against the at fault driver who struck her as a pedestrian in Westboro in Ottawa for $450,000.  She settled her accident benefit claim in the same case for a total of $582,000.  She had no loss of income and did not have to go to trial.
  • A 52-year-old woman was forced to retire early when she was hit by a driver while crossing the street. She received $425,000 for her concussion and other psychological injuries that rendered her unable to work.
  • A pedestrian struck near Kanata Centrum received $300,000 before mediation.
  • A middle-aged male received $240,000 from a negligent driver when he was struck while walking in a pedestrian crosswalk causing a concussion, other serious physical injuries and ongoing chronic pain. This settlement achieved by Auger Hollingsworth covered lost income, out of pocket expenses and provided money for future care costs.

A man from Ottawa West received $875,000 as a settlement from the driver who struck him as a pedestrian.  The case settled at mediation.  He was injured on Carling near Merivale.

  • A woman in her 20s who was struck as a pedestrian on Bank Street received $175,000.00 for her injuries.  She had to change career paths because of her injury.  These funds will help get her back on track.
  • A woman in her twenties received $175,000 for her injuries after a pedestrian accident.
  • A man injured as a pedestrian in a parking garage settled his case for $150,000.
  • A woman injured as a pedestrian crossing Hunt Club settled her case for $138,000.
  • A man in his 80’s who was struck as a pedestrian in Nepean settled his claim against the at fault driver without starting a lawsuit.  The settlement was $125,000.
A graphic of a woman falling on ice, and the text says, "A restauranteur injured with a fractured hip on an icy parking lot received $270,000 at mediation."

Slip and Fall Accident Case Results

  • A woman who slipped and fell in her apartment building parking lot received a settlement of $180,000.
  • A 72-year-old retiree received $175,000.00 from a grocery store after she tripped on an unsecured carpet in a grocery store and suffered a torn Rotator Cuff and damage to her previously replaced knee prosthesis. The money recovered by Auger Hollingsworth allowed her to remain in her home and keep her independence.
  • $138,000 for a woman in her 50’s who broke her ankle after a slip and fall on ice in Perth.
  • A middle-aged female with three children received over $120,000 after a slip and fall incident that caused serious physical pain and impairments. The incident impaired the client’s daily life, household and leisurely activities. The settlement achieved by Auger Hollingsworth allowed her to cover treatment costs and continue to recover without financial strain.
  • A husband and wife in their 70’s received $100,000 after a slip and fall that resulted in multiple physical injuries. Both parties suffered fractures, chronic pain and limited range of motion due to their injuries. Auger Hollingsworth helped settle their claim without the need for mediation or trial in September of 2019.

A business owner in his 60’s settled his case for $270,000 after a slip and fall resulted in a serious hip fracture. The case was resolved at mediation.

  • A 54-year-old woman slipped in a wet grocery store aisle. Her slip and fall resulted in a fractured patella, which required surgical intervention on her knee. Auger Hollingsworth helped settled her claim for $90,000 before Examination For Discovery in December of 2019.
  • A 60-year-old woman fell down a flight of stairs inside another person’s home. The incident left her with multiple injuries, including a concussion, nose fracture, multiple sprains and upper back pain. Auger Hollingsworth helped her settled her claim for $75,000 in September of 2019.
  • An administrative assistant who broke her wrist on an icy walkway received $75,000.  The case settled before discovery.
  • A civil servant walking from the bus settled her slip and fall case for $72,500.
  • A lady in her 50’s who tripped at a contruction site in downtown Ottawa received $72,000 without having to file a law suit.  The hazard was modified the day of her accident.

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A graphic including a man with a head injury speaking to a lawyer, and the text says, "A woman who suffered a brain injury in a car accident received $990,000 at mediation."

Traumatic Brain Injury Accident Case Results

  • A woman who was struck in a head on collision in Cumberland received over $700,000 at mediation.
  • A former bank professional close to retirement settled her case for $225,000 after a head strike affected her short term memory. The case was settled at mediation.

A male pedestrian in his 30’s was struck at a crosswalk resulting in a traumatic brain injury and multiple leg fractures in both legs. Auger Hollingsworth helped him settle his tort claim for $770,000, and his accident benefits claim for $1,000,000.

  • A young mother in her 20’s settled her case for $190,000 at a pre-trial. She had fought hard to recover from a difficult moderate brain injury with post-concussion syndrome.
A graphic of a woman holding an insurance denial paper, and the text says, "A nurse received $215,000 after her long-term disability insurer denied her benefits."

Long Term Disability Case Results

  • A man who was denied disability insurance from his mortgage disability insurer settled his claim with the insurer who had alleged misrepresentation.
  • A public servant had her Long Term Disability benefits initiated after we sued the insurer.

A government employee was denied Long-Term Disability Benefits despite psychological and psychiatric impairments which prevented him from working. He received $75,000 from his insurer after challenging the denial with Auger Hollingsworth.

  • A single mother of two had her Long term disability benefits reinstated after we wrote a letter of appeal to her insurance company.
A graphic of a child who was injured, and the text says, "A very young child struck as a pedestrian by a driver in Kingston received a settlement of $1,650,000."

Child Injury Case Results

  • A child injured in a near drowning incident received compensation of $150,000.
  • The settlement for a minor who was involved in a personal injury accident provided the minor with $75,000.00 that she will be able to access once of legal age. The parents of the minor are relieved to know that there will be money available to pay for any future care costs.

A child who was injured as a passenger settled his motor vehicle accident claim against the at-fault driver for $160,000.  The case was slated to go to trial early in 2012.

  • We obtained a significant settlement for a single mother of five young children who suffered a knee injury when her minivan was struck from behind on Alta Vista Drive.
  • Our young child client went through a stop sign on his bike on the way to the park and collided with a car.  We negotiated a fair settlement for this boy without having to start a law suit.
A graphic of a woman holding lillies and touching a coffin, and the text says, "A mother and her 2 daughters collected more than $1,000,000 at mediation in a fatality case."

Wrongful Death Case Results

  • Our clients’ mother, in her nineties, was fatally injured after being struck in the parking lot of her nursing home.  The family received death benefits, attendant care and visitors’ expenses from the accident benefit insurer with our assistance and also received a family law act settlement for the loss of their mother’s companionship.

A family received $195,000 for the loss of care, guidance and companionship for their grandfather’s fatality.

  • After a man was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident, his widow, son and granddaughter received a substantial settlement through our negotiation with an insurance adjuster.
  • In a tragic case, a mother, brother and sister settled their claim following the death of their son and brother who died in a motor vehicle accident.  The boy was 13 years old when he died.  The case settled after the claim was issued but before any additional steps were required in the lawsuit.
A graphic of a man in a wheelchair, and the text says, "A man in his 20’s obtained a judgment for $6.1 Million for his spinal cord injury."

General Personal Injury Case Results

  • A former postal worker injured in a medical malpractice incident settled her claim for over $900,000 at mediation.
  • A professional woman in her 30s settled her accident benefits claim for more than $800,000.
  • An off-duty police officer who was bitten by a dog on the wrist received $62,500 at the mediation of his case.
  • A man with chronic pain received a settlement of $464,000 in a case where there was a significant liability issue.
  • A man in his 40’s settled his statutory accident benefits at a private mediation for $400,000.

A woman in her 50’s from the Ottawa Valley settled her claim at mediation for more than $1,000,000 at mediation.

  • A real estate agent who injured her hand and suffered a concussion settled her claim for more than $300,000 during a mediation.
  • A public servant in her 40’s settled her Ontario chronic pain case for $230, 000.  She had previously settled her accident benefit case.  Both settled through mediation.
  • A soldier injured with a leg fracture in a motor vehicle accident received $154,000 as a result of settlement negotiations.
  • A young Ottawa construction worker with soft tissue back injuries settled his case at mediation for $142,000.   He had returned to full time construction work at the time of the mediation.
  • A man who suffered an accident in the United States settled his Ontario statutory accident benefits claim for $400,000.  The case resolved at a private mediation with his insurer.

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