Positive Results Auger Hollingsworth Accident & Injury Lawyers Have Achieved For Their Clients

Our Ottawa injury law firm settles significant personal injury cases every single month.  We are committed advocates who fight tirelessly for our clients, regardless of whether they have a large claim or a smaller one. Here are some highlights of clients we have helped negotiate personal injury settlements for in Ontario.  (Note, past results do not guarantee a result in your case.)

MVA Settlements In Ontario

MVA personal injury attorney ottawa auger hollingsworthA woman struck by a drunk driver received a car accident settlement in Ontario of $1 Million plus costs and disbursements.

A man injured in a single vehicle accident received a final settlement of $800,000.  He had previously received a significant advance.

A woman who was struck in a head on collision in Cumberland received over $700,000 at mediation.

A man who suffered serious psychological injuries in a motor vehicle accident received over $800,000 as an accident benefit settlement.

A woman who suffered a brain injury in a car accident received $990,000 at mediation.

An electrician injured in a motor vehicle accident settled his claim before discovery for $85,000.

A mother of 5 settled her claim against the driver who caused the accident for $585,000 at pre-trial.

A man and his pre-teen daughter settled their serious motor vehicle accident case for over $300,000 at mediation.

A woman in her 20’s settled her car accident case at mediation for $124,000.  She did not miss work but continued to suffer from TMJ symptoms.

A woman who was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle obtained a car accident settlement in Ontario of $255,000 for her chronic pain.  She had returned to work in a reduced capacity.

A woman in her late 60’s received a settlement of $90,000 after an accident on highway 401.  She was a backseat passenger who was injured, in part because she was not wearing her seatbelt.

A mother of two settled her motor vehicle accident case for $137,000.  Her vehicle had been rear ended.  She was pregnant at the time of the accident, which exacerbated the effect of the accident.

A woman from Cornwall settled her motor vehicle accident case for $168,000.  Her foot was serious injured in a multi vehicle accident that resulted in a fatality.

A woman in her 30s who was rear ended on Highway 138 received a car accident settlement in Ontario of $300,000 following a pre-trial conference.  The woman had been sent to a defence medical examination which confirmed the extent of her injuries.

A 35 year old professional woman who had been rear ended on the highway recovered $50,000 at mediation.  She was working full time and managing her pain since the motor vehicle accident.

In a tragic case, a mother, brother and sister settled their claim following the death of their son and brother who died in a motor vehicle accident.  The boy was 13 years old when he died.  The case settled after the claim was issued but before any additional steps were required in the lawsuit.

A retired civil servant settled his motor vehicle accident case at a pre-trial.   The at fault driver was allegedly driving without consent, without a license and without insurance.  As a result, there was an insurance coverage issue that was resolved in order to achieve the settlement of the motor vehicle accident case.

 A woman in her thirties who works in a health care field settled her Ottawa car accident case for $85,000.   The woman settled her case after examination for discovery, but before mediation.

An Ottawa lady in her 60’s with pre-existing neck injuries received a settlement of $75,000 after a motor vehicle accident.  She intiated the law suit but the case was settled before any additional steps were required in the litigation.

A woman in her early twenties received a car accident settlement in Ontario of $190,000 following a serious motor vehicle accident.  She had returned to work full time at the time of mediation.  This lady was a dynamo before the accident.  Her ability to resume employment after the accident is a testament to her enormous effort.

An Ottawa  man in his early 20’s got a judgment for $6.1 Million after a rollover accident on Highway 401 near Brockville, Ontario.  The man suffered a spinal cord injury.  This MVA accident settlement in Ontario was awarded by a judge. 

A man in his 40’s who has struck in a hit and run accident received a settlement of $263,000 from the family protection endorsement insurer of his vehicle and the unidentified motorist insurance.  The accident happened in Renfrew.  This man is now able resume some of his former dignity.

A Renfrew man in his 40’s who was struck in a 3-car accident involving both an unidentified and an uninsured vehicle received $263,000 at mediation.

An Ottawa lady injured while turning left at aviation parkway settled her case at mediation for $75,000.  She injured her wrist primarily.  She had returned to work at the time of the accident.

A emergency service worker from the east part of Ottawa struck by another vehicle on Hunt Club Road received a 6-figure settlement for injuries to his neck and back.

A woman in her 50’s who was struck from behind on the Queensway settled her claim against the at-fault driver at mediation after discoveries.

A woman injured in a motor vehicle accident in 2002 was finally found to be catastrophic.  We brought a mediation and then an application for arbitration to FSCO.  On the eve of the arbitration, the insurer conceded that the woman had indeed been catastrophically injured.  She is now entitled to life-long rehabilitation benefits.

An 18 year old injured in a roll-over accident received $150,000 at a mediation of his motor vehicle accident case.  He was injured when the vehicle he was in as a passenger struck a hydro pole.

Ottawa woman injured in a t-bone collision at Carling Avenue and Merivale settles for $350,000.  We settled her MVA accident settlement in Ontario in a mediation.  The at-fault driver made a left turn when our client had the right of way.

An Arnprior man settled his case for $110,000.  His vehicle  had been struck from behind at the corner of Woodroffe and Richmond in the west end of Ottawa. He was stopped at a red light at the time of the accident.  His case settled during examination for discovery.

A man who was struck by a car while driving a tractor in Eastern Ontario settled his case for $73,000 after mediation.

A mother of 4 settled her motor vehicle accident case for $180,000 at mediation.  She had been rear ended while at a stop light.

A lady in her mid 40’s settled her auto accident case at mediation.  The settlement of $178,000 covered her pain and suffering and loss of competitive advantage, among other losses.

A child who was injured as a passenger settled his motor vehicle accident claim against the at-fault driver for $160,000.  The case was slated to go to trial early in 2012.

An Ottawa woman who suffered a concussion and a shoulder injury requiring surgery settled her MVA accident claim against the at fault driver of a tow truck for $170,000.  The woman had returned to work and is now doing well.

A woman in her 50’s settled her claim against the at fault driver who struck her as a pedestrian in Westboro in Ottawa for $450,000.  She settled her accident benefit claim in the same case for a total of $582,000.  She had no loss of income and did not have to go to trial.

A nurse from Orleans in her forties settled her accident benefit claim for 6-figures.  She had previously settled her claim against the driver who hit her on the Queensway.

An IT professional from Carleton Place settled his claim against the at fault driver without starting a lawsuit.  He had suffered a broken elbow in the crash.

A Cornwall man settled his accident benefit claim for a healthy 5-figure amount.  He had previously settled his claim against the driver who caused his accident.

A Richmond, Ontario woman settled her claim for six-figures. She had been struck by a truck on Highway 417 near the Rochester exit.  She had back pain and other injuries from the accident.

A young woman who suffered scars on her hands settled her MVA accident settlement in Ontario.  She did not have to start a lawsuit.  Her mother had previously settled her claim from the same accident.

Ottawa woman settles her accident benefit claim for $30,000. She had previously settled her claim against the driver who caused her accident.

Cornwall man settles car accident claim for $85,000 without starting a lawsuit. The case was settled in just a few months.

Woman in her 60’s who was struck as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident in Ottawa settles her accident benefit case. She had previously settled her claim against the at fault driver.

$750,000 accident benefit settlement for seriously injured man in his twenties who was a passenger in a car accident on Highway 401 near Brockville, Ontario.  The insurer had previously purchased an Ottawa home for him.

Just under $400,000 as a settlement to a woman in her 40’s struck on Highway 417. The trial was scheduled for September 2010.

A Lanark woman in her late 50’s settled her vehicle roll-over case at mediation. The insurance company delivered the settlement cheque on the spot.

An Ottawa gentleman in his mid-sixties settled his motor vehicle accident claim at mediation. The man suffered from compressed nerves in his neck as a result of the three-car accident at Grand Bend.

Great settlement for a 64 year old woman with significant pre-accident conditions who was rear-ended on Merivale Road in Ottawa.

Settlement of more than $1.3 Million for a man injured in a single vehicle accident. The man has very serious injuries and received this settlement from the accident benefit insurer.

Accident Benefit settlement of $110,000 achieved for Ottawa man in his 50’s with soft tissue injuries. The client had already received over $130,000 in accident benefits.  We had previously settled his claims against the at-fault drivers for an additional $140,000.

Nurse from Ottawa recovers damages after suffering a torn rotator cuff in a motor vehicle accident. This single mother of two received compensation for her lost wages as well as healthy damages for pain and suffering.  She is now back at work full time.

Ottawa charity worker gets compensated for low impact, rear end accident. An Ottawa mother of two who worked at a charity shop was well compensated for her lower back injury without ever starting a law suit.  She has now returned to work.

Ottawa gentleman compensated for two accidents. Ottawa injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth achieved an excellent 6-figure settlement for a man in his 50’s who was injured in two motor vehicle accidents in late 2006.

An elderly gentleman received a settlement following a rear end collision on Preston Street in Ottawa. This man in his 80’s received a healthy six-figure settlement on account of nerve damage he suffered in a motor vehicle accident.  The case was resolved as soon as the claim was filed.

Elderly gentleman’s accident benefits finally paid up when he hires a lawyerWe represent an 82 year old immigrant man whose insurer “forgot” to mention that he was entitled to accident benefits when he made his claim for the damage on his vehicle after he was rear-ended.  An astute family physician suggested his family look into what benefits may be available to him through his auto insurer.  Sure enough, with our help, he is now receiving accident benefits including a hefty 5-figure sum of arrears that had not been paid before he got a lawyer.

Friends Settle for More than Half a Million Our clients were injured in a motor vehicle accident involving three cars and the centre median on the Queensway (Highway 417).  Neither has worked since the accident due to chronic pain, depression and musculoskeletal injuries. After four years of rehabilitation, funded by the accident benefit insurer, they were compensated by the insurance company at a settlement conference held before a judge at the Ottawa Courthouse.

Single Mother Gets Settlement for Knee InjuryOurclient obtained an excellent settlement at mediation from both her accident benefits insurer and the insurer for the at-fault driver as a result of a meniscal tear in her knee that may require arthroscopic surgery.She had been hit from behind while at a stop sign on Alta Vista.

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Motorcycle Injury Settlements In Ontario

A family man from Carleton Place was able to purchase an accessible home following his single vehicle motorcycle accident as a result of our negotiations with his accident benefit insurer.  He continues to receive accident benefits.  His family now has a safe place to live.

Bicycle Injury Settlements In Ontario

bicycle injury attorney ottawa auger hollingsworthA man struck on a bicycle received a settlement of $540,000 at mediation.

A bike courier who was run off the road on an interprovincial bridge received $150,000 after suffering a broken collarbone.

A senior citizen who had an injury on an e-bike settled his accident benefit claim for $70,000.  No legal process was required.

A man in his 40’s settled his cycling accident case for $590,000 inclusive at mediation.

A man in his 30’s settled his bicycle accident case.  He did not have to start a law suit.  He was injured when the at fault driver opened his car door into traffic in the Glebe.

A young female cyclist in downtown Ottawa suffered an elbow fracture when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident in downtown Ottawa.  Before starting a lawsuit, she settled her case for $72,000.

Settlement for Child on A Bicycle Our young child client went through a stop sign on his bike on the way to the park and collided with a car.  We negotiated a fair settlement for this boy without having to start a law suit.

Teen settles his motor vehicle accident case for an undisclosed amount. He had been riding his bike to school in Ottawa South and was struck at an intersection.  He fractured his leg as a result of the accident.

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Pedestrian Injury Settlements In Ontario

pedestrian injury attorney ottawa auger hollingsworthA very young child struck as a pedestrian by a driver in Kingston received a settlement of $1,650,000 which included damages for his father and brother.

A woman who was struck on Bank Street by a vehicle making a U-turn received a settlement of $75,000.

A senior citizen injured as a pedestrian received $65,000 as compensation at a pretrial.

A man injured as a pedestrian in a parking garage settled his case for $150,000.

A woman in her 40’s settled her case for $100,000.  She was struck on Innes Road.  She had resumed her full time employment but was struggling with pain.

A woman in her 20s who was struck as a pedestrian on Bank Street received $175,000.00 for her injuries.  She had to change career paths because of her injury.  These funds will help get her back on track.

A lady in her 30’s received a $117,000 settlement following a pedestrian accident at Fisher Avenue.  The settlement was achieved at mediation.  This lady was working at the time of her accident but had to relinquish much of her fascinating volunteer wook as a result of her residual pain.

A professional Ottawa woman who was struck as a pedestrian by a pick up truck at Hunt Club and Merivale settled her case for a 6-figure sum.  She had returned to work full-time.

A man in his 80’s who was struck as a pedestrian in Nepean settled his claim against the at fault driver without starting a lawsuit.  The settlement was $125,000.

Ottawa woman in her 80’s settled her accident benefit claim for $44,000.  She had been struck as a pedestrian just a feww block from her home.  Her claim against the at fault driver had been settled without starting a lawsuit for 6 figures.

An Almonte man received a settlement before examinations for discovery in a serious motor vehicle-truck-pedestrian case. He had previously settled his claim for accident benefits.

84-year-old woman receives 6-figure settlement after being struck as a pedestrian. An Alta Vista mother of four was awarded a healthy settlement, without starting a law suit, after she was hit by a motorist who drove up on the sidewalk.

Pre-teen boy gets settlement when struck as a pedestrian.   A boy struck near Meadowlands and Prince of Wales Drive receives payment of a settlement for his pain and suffering.  He receives substantial compensation on his 18th birthday.

Ottawa Man suffers back injury and shoulder injury when struck as a pedestrian gets settlement.  A 50 year old father of two was struck from behind while walking on a residential street.  Brenda Hollingsworth negotiated a 6-figure settlement settlement for him.

Grieving Family Compensated for Loss of Elderly MotherOur clients’ mother, in her nineties, was fatally injured after being struck in the parking lot of her nursing home.  The family received death benefits, attendant care and visitors’ expenses from the accident benefit insurer with our assistance and also received a family law act settlement for the loss of their mother’s companionship.

A man from Ottawa West received $875,000 as a settlement from the driver who struck him as a pedestrian.  The case settled at mediation.  He was injured on Carling near Merivale.

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Slip And Fall Injury Settlements In Ontario

slip and fall injury attorney ottawa auger hollingsworthA woman who slipped and fell in her apartment building parking lot received a settlement of $180,000.

A woman who slipped and fell in a shopping mall received a settlement of $70,000 shortly after mediation.  She had a broken wrist.

A lady in her 60’s settled her slip and fall accident at mediation.  She slipped on water at a grocery store.

A lady in her 50’s settled her slip and fall case for $70,000.  She was back at work.  She settled her claim through mediation.

A business owners in his 60’s settled his case for $270,000 after a slip and fall resulted in a serious hip fracture.  The case resolved at mediation.

A woman in her 80’s recovered $107,500 from an Ottawa department store after a display fell and injured her.  The settlement was achieved at mediation, after a claim had been started and after examination for discovery.

A lady in her 50’s who tripped at a contruction site in downtown Ottawa received $72,000 without having to file a law suit.  The hazard was modified the day of her accident.

A woman in her forties settled her Barrhaven slip and fall case at mediation before discoveries.  She suffered a fractured wrist.

An Ottawa tenant who slipped and fell when exiting his apartment building settled his case for $72,000 after a fractured wrist.  He did not have to start a lawsuit.

A woman in her 70’s settled her slip and fall case where she was injured when she slipped in a fast food restaurant.  She did not have to start a lawsuit.

A restaurant server who works two jobs settled her claim against the City of Ottawa after falling through a broken catch basin along the side of the road in Stittsville.  The case was settled at the pre-trial.

Perth area woman in her 50’s settles her slip and fall case for 6-figures. She broke her ankle when she slipped and fell on a municipal sidewalk on Gore Street.  The case settled at mediation before discovery.

Healthy 6-figure settlement for woman who slipped and fell on a retailer’s stairs. Our client settled her case involving a fall down stairs which we alleged did not comply with the building code.

Ottawa woman in her 70’s receives significant compensation after a slip on ice cream at a local department store. The woman did not have to start a lawsuit as we were able to negotiate her settlement directly with the department store insurance company.

64- year old Orleans widow receives substantial settlement after a slip and fall at a cottage causing a fractured ankle. This case was brought under the Simplified Rules.  Our client did not need to attend for discovery.  We simply mediated a resolution.

New Brunswick woman injured while visiting Ottawa receives a settlement.  Our Ottawa personal injury team obtained an excellent settlement for a woman who slipped and fell at a shopping centre.  The woman was never required to travel to Ottawa for the case.

Woman compensated for slip and fall on icy sidewalk-Our client receiveda very significant settlement after she slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk outside her home in Barrhaven.  She suffered a very serious compund fracture of her leg and ankle in the fall.  Witnesses described that there had clearly been no salting or sanding of the sidewalk despite freezing rain in the days leading up to the incident.  The claim resolved after a settlement conference, before trial.

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Medical Malpractice Settlements In Ontario

medical malpractice attorney ottawa auger hollingsworthA former postal worker injured in a medical malpractice incident settled her claim for over $900,000 at mediation.

Ottawa Valley lady compensated for dental mishap. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers negotiated a settlement for a woman who was injured in the dentist’s chair. We did not need to start a claim.

Chronic Pain Settlements In Ontario

A man with chronic pain received a settlement of $464,000 in a case where there was a significant liability issue.

A public servant in her 40’s settled her Ontario chronic pain case for $230, 000.  She had previously settled her accident benefit case.  Both settled through mediation.

Dog Bite Settlements In Ontario

A 44 year old father of three settled his Ontario dog bite case for $62,500 at mediation. The man was bitten by a Bermese Mountain dog that had escaped from its owner’s premises.

A Winchester woman in her 50’s settled her Ontario dog attack case for $100,000.  The case was set to go to trial in November.  The lady had suffered a broken leg in the incident.

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Other Personal Injury Settlements In Ontario

A man from Carleton Place received a settlement of $600,000 from his accident benefits given his catastrophic injuries.

A woman facing a significant liability issue, including an independent witness who said she was at fault, received a settlement of $65,000.

A child injured in a near drowning incident received compensation of $150,000.

A mother and her 2 daughters collected more than $1,000,000 at mediation in a fatality case.

A woman in her 50’s from the Ottawa Valley settled her claim at mediation for more than $1,000,000 at mediation.

A real estate agent who injured her hand and suffered a concussion settled her claim for more than $300,000 during a mediation.

A former bank professional close to retirement settled her case for $225,000 after a headstrike affected her short term memory.  The case was settled at mediation.

An elderly woman who was injured while riding the Ottawa city bus received $100,000 for her shoulder injury.  The case was settled at mediation, without examination for discovery.

A man in his late 40’s settled his accident benefit claim for $500,000 while a FSCO application for catastrophic designation was outstanding.  He had previously settled his claim against the at fault driver for $875,000.

A man in his late 70’s who fell on public transit received $110,000 at the mediation of his case.  He had suffered serious injuries to his knee when he fell on the bus at the corner of Rideau and King Edward.

A young Ottawa construction worker with soft tissue back injuries settled his case at mediation for $142,000.   He had returned to full time construction work at the time of the mediation. 

A hard working Ottawa delivery man whose arm was injured in an accident settled his claim for a six-figure amount without starting a lawsuit.  He had not suffered a loss of income.

A woman was granted CPP benefits after being denied at first application and after an appeal.  We attended the tribunal on her behalf.  The woman had been injured in a motor vehicle accident.  We had previously obtained a settlement for her.

A personal support worker from Brockville, Ontario settled her accident benefit case.  She can now handle her own health care expenses without going through the approval process with her accident benefit insurer.

A man who suffered an accident in the United States settled his Ontario statutory accident benefits claim for $400,000.  The case resolved at a private mediation with his insurer.

Six figure settlement for an Ottawa woman in her 40’s who was injured in a product liability case. The details of the case are confidential.

$80,000 in past attendant care for a 40-year old man who suffered an accident out of province. This issue was settled at a FSCO mediation which our client attended by telephone.

Woman settles her case for soft tissue injury case for $70,000. No examination for discovery or defence medicals were required for this Ottawa woman to get compensation for her injuries.She continues to receive accident benefits.

Accident Benefit arrears of $45,000 recovered for Ottawa mother of nine who did not have a lawyer until almost two years post-accident. She now continues to receive accident benefits.

Accident Benefits arrears in excess of $10,000 recovered for an Ottawa senior citizen who was injured in an accident and who was trying to handle his claim on his own. He now continues to receive the monthly statutory accident benefits that he is entitled to, but was not receiving.

Man suffers eye injury when municipal lawn mower sprays debris gets settlement. A Saskatchewan who was visiting Ottawa suffered an eye injury while riding a bicycle in a city park.  The personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth negotiated a settlement without having to start a law suit.

Woman injured in a Tim Horton’s Drive Thru gets Accident Benefit Settlement – A woman who was repeatedly denied accident benefits after her car accident in the drive-thru of a Tim Horton’s coffee shop enjoyed a significant settlement from her accident benefit carrier after her lawyer filed for mediation.

Another large Settlement for a Sexual Abuse Survivor After a lifelong struggle with shame and addiction our client who was abused by a priest as a child was awarded a six-figure sum without even having to start a law suit.

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More Personal Injury Settlements In Ontario

More than a Quarter of a Million Dollars for the Victim of Sexual Abuse by a Family Member Brenda represented a 48-year-old man who had been the victim of repeated sexual abuse as a child by a family member. Brenda negotiated a significant settlement at mediation. Prior court decisions indicated that the range of damages for sexual assault in Ontario were no higher than $200,000. Brenda was able to secure a result higher than in typical cases because she knew how to retain the right experts to support a substantial claim for damages. The defendant had been criminally convicted for the assault. Brenda’s knowledge of criminal law was a major advantage because she knew how to use criminal proceedings to her client’s full benefit. The day before the mediation, the opposing lawyer told her that in his opinion, this case was worth no more than $10,000. In the end, Brenda seized the perpetrator’s equity in his house and the equity in the house he inherited from his mother, which was very satisfying for her client. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Substantial Settlement for Bicyclist Hit When Car’s Driver Opened the Car Door Brenda represented a man, age 42, who suffered a shoulder injury in a motor vehicle accident. The man was riding his bicycle when the driver of a car parked on Montreal Road opened the car door without looking. The cyclist struck the door and flew over the handlebars of his bike, landing in the middle of the road. The cyclist absolutely did not want to go to court and did not want to see any specialists; however, he agreed to let Brenda negotiate an out-of-court settlement for him. The insurance company’s initial offer was $20,000. The injured cyclist wanted to accept, but Brenda explained that she could get more money, even without retaining a medical expert. So, without filing a lawsuit, Brenda negotiated a settlement of more than double that, without incurring any expenses on the client’s behalf. The client was back at work and cycling every day at the time he got his settlement, which he shared with family members who needed it. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Groundbreaking Decision Gives Disabled Ontarians a Voice Brenda represented roughly 150 families whose relatives lived in the Rideau Regional Centre near Smith Falls. The Rideau Regional Centre housed almost 430 people who have lived at the centre on average for 39 years. They were profoundly to severely handicapped with few, if any, verbal skills and operated at intellectual levels of young children. The government announced its decision to close the centre. Brenda applied for an injunction to stop the centre from closing until the families could be heard.

As a result of Brenda’s Court application, the disabled adults now have the right to consent, or not, to a new placement in the community and are entitled to the placement that is in their best interests.

In its decision to award costs, the Court said: “The vast majority of these individuals and their substitute decision makers would not be expected to be heard from unless counsel were prepared, as they were here, to advocate their position. Furthermore, the quality of that advocacy was such as to greatly assist the Court.” Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Seven-Figure Settlement Goes to Quadriplegic After Witness Recants Sworn Statement Brenda and her colleagues represented a young woman in her early twenties who, after a night on the town, was found sprawled at the bottom of the steps of her rented student accommodations. She became a quadriplegic as a result of the fall. The defendants in this case were the tavern that served her alcohol, the landlord of the house that may not have met certain building code standards and the municipality that may not have properly enforced the building code. Liability was a difficult issue because the defence theory was that the client was climbing in the window in an obviously unsafe manner, as she had admitted to doing in the past. As one of the lawyers representing this young woman, Brenda helped prepare the young woman for her testimony on discovery because the victim’s credibility was key. In addition, on the eve of mediation, Brenda got a vital witness to recant from a sworn statement she had given to the defence, which was very damaging to the injured woman. The case settled for seven figures, but the amount cannot be disclosed because the settlement is confidential. Location: Guelph, Ontario.

Judge Resolves Shareholder Dispute Quickly With Large Award for Legal Costs – Brenda represented one of two equal shareholders of a Corporation that owned a property valued at a million dollars. Brenda successfully obtained a Court order imposing a shot-gun buy-sell mechanism between the two equal shareholders where the other shareholder strenuously resisted the order. Brenda’s client also sought, and obtained, a repayment of his loans to the company. In addition, Brenda’s client received a substantial award of legal costs. Considerable Obstacles: Brenda was able to get the case heard by a judge in just over a month, which is remarkable in Ontario. This proves that Brenda is willing to push and understands how to make the court resources work for her client. The opposing counsel was one of the most senior commercial litigation counsel in the city. And the judge did not even mention the other lawyer’s two-hour argument in his reasons. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

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Judge Orders Company to Divulge Name of Person Sending Harassing Email Brenda represented a person who received a secret, harassing email under a pseudonym. The telecommunications company refused name the person who sent the email. Brenda successfully obtained a Court order requiring the company to divulge the person’s name. Internet Harassment claims are in a developing area of the law that is important to anyone in the public eye. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Judge Orders Web-Page Operator to Disclose Names of Users Defaming Brenda’s Clients Brenda currently represents clients who were defamed by certain internet users in an internet forum. The web-page operator refused to disclose the identities of the users. Brenda successfully obtained a Court order requiring the web-page operator to reveal the names of the internet users. Now, armed with this information, Brenda is currently involved in litigation seeking damages for her clients for internet defamation. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Brenda Obtained a Judgment for $65,500 for Her Client Without Going to Trial Brenda represented a client who was owed money by someone who defrauded him in an elaborate scheme. Brenda obtained a judgment for $65,500 in favour of her client without going to trial. This represented the full amount of the debt, plus costs. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Brenda Obtains Damages for her Client after Ex-Employee Quits and Steals Clients – Brenda represented an employer whose former employee left the business and set up a competing enterprise, taking employees and copying the employer’s corporate look. Brenda sued the ex-employee and obtained damages from him. In addition, he changed his signage to avoid confusing the public. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Motion for Injunction Against Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Successfully Defeated Brenda and a colleague represented the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. A litigant brought a motion to prevent the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly from calling for a vote on a controversial piece of legislation. The issue was whether the Constitution, and specifically the doctrine of parliamentary privilege, prevented the Court from interfering with the business of the legislature. Brenda argued that privilege prevailed and was successful. The Court did not issue an injunction. Location: Toronto, Ontario.

Criminal Charges Withdrawn by the Crown, No Criminal Record for Clients Brenda has represented different clients charged with mischief, impaired driving and assault causing bodily harm, among other charges. All of these charges were withdrawn by the Crown on the mornings of trial, without any criminal charges imposed. No client of Brenda facing criminal charges has ever received a criminal record relating to the charges Brenda was defending. Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

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Additional interesting cases:

Insurance Defence: Brenda represented a number of banks in their efforts to deny claims for benefits under mortgage life insurance policies. Brenda conducted detailed examinations for discovery relating to the existence of pre-existing medical conditions that would void insurance coverage.

Insurance Defence: Brenda represented an insurance company in various cases, including slips and falls and property damage claims. As a result, she is aware of various defence strategies.

Medical Malpractice: Brenda and her colleagues represented a woman who suffered a complete irreversible bowel failure after sustaining a fourth degree tear during childbirth. A home health nurse then wrongfully inserted a suppository. Brenda developed the damages brief including evidence regarding her loss of income and loss of enjoyment of life. Brenda met with and compiled expert reports dealing with the standard of care for nurses in this situation. Also, Brenda assisted in the preparation of the settlement memoranda and trial workup and attended settlement meetings. Brenda left this law firm before the case was resolved.

Medical Malpractice: Brenda and her colleagues worked on another medical malpractice case involving a compromised baby whose mother was given a drug during pregnancy that allegedly resulted in the stillbirth of one twin. The second twin was born with severe cerebral palsy. Brenda conducted the examination for discovery of the lead obstetrician on the case, and was involved in the development of the toxicology expert’s report relating to the use of the drug during pregnancy. (Brenda’s client was the public health insurer, which supports the plaintiff to recover its costs from the defendant).

Class Action: Brenda assisted in many individual and class action lawsuits against oral surgeons who implanted defective implants into the jaws of patients with temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) problems resulting in significant permanent damage. Brenda conducted examinations for discovery on behalf of the public health insurer of the oral surgeons, reviewed medical reports, including those prepared by experts, and did general trial preparation.

Class Action: Brenda played a significant role in the certification of a class action against the manufacturer of a defective heart valve and related products. The claim alleges that a coating on the heart valves was preventing the heart tissue from clinging to and growing into the valves, leading to leakage and other problems. Many implantees required surgical removal of the valves, while others did not survive long enough to receive replacement surgery.

Employment: Brenda has represented many clients who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs. Brenda has obtained significant settlements for almost all of these clients, both through negotiation and through trial.

Education: Brenda has represented a number of children whose special needs are not being accommodated by their schools. In every case, Brenda has obtained the support these children require through negotiation to school board representatives.

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“I have known Brenda for about five years now in worked with her on several matters. Anyone who has been injured in Ottawa ought to contact Brenda and at the very least request her excellent materials for personal injury and car accident victims. You will get a ton of great information that you can use before you hire an attorney or talk to the insurance adjuster. Brenda is very caring for her clients and has a great track record.”

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