Collisions involving a Police Car, Firetruck or Ambulance

In every personal injury case, your lawyers look at the risk relating to liability.  Liability means who is at fault for the accident.   Where a collision involves an emergency vehicle, your lawyers need to look at what the law says about collisions with emergency vehicles.   The starting point [...]

By |February 12, 2024|Blog|

The Danger of the Freeze-Thaw Cycle for Ontario Pedestrians

Winter presents a unique challenge for pedestrians with the perilous freeze-thaw cycles that often make sidewalks and paths treacherously slippery. These cycles occur when the temperature fluctuates around the freezing point, causing snow and ice to melt during the day and refreeze at night, creating a slick, invisible layer of [...]

By |February 9, 2024|Blog|

Loud Music While Driving

Think before you turn it up: Don’t let the music get in the way of safe driving Whether it’s relaxing to a mellow tune or getting amped up by a loud beat, all of us have felt the impact of music at some point in our lives. Playing music [...]

By |June 17, 2023|Blog|

Get Your Personal Injury Questions Answered!

Seeking Answers to Your Personal Injury Questions? Q&A Session with Brenda Hollingsworth and Richard Auger Q: What can Auger Hollingsworth do for me? A: During our consultation, our personal injury lawyers will tell you what steps we can take to access insurance money for you in the shortest time [...]

By |May 13, 2023|Blog|

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