Ottawa Lawyer: Settling Your Ontario Accident Benefits on Your Own?

If you have had an Ontario motor vehicle accident and more than one year has passed, if you are handling your case without an Ontario personal injury lawyer, your accident benefits insurer may approach you to settle your claim.  If you settle your claim, all future accident benefits will [...]

By |November 5, 2023|Blog, Statutory Accident Benefits|

Canadian Statistics on Spinal Cord Injury (Paraplegia and Quadriplegia)

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia are spinal cord injuries with no known cure.  These spinal cord injuries are extreme in nature and have the potential to impede the future enjoyment of life of the unfortunate victim, particularly if the injury is accompanied by financial hardship. If you are suffering a paraplegic [...]

Loud Music While Driving

Think before you turn it up: Don’t let the music get in the way of safe driving Whether it’s relaxing to a mellow tune or getting amped up by a loud beat, all of us have felt the impact of music at some point in our lives. Playing music [...]

By |June 17, 2023|Blog|

Get Your Personal Injury Questions Answered!

Seeking Answers to Your Personal Injury Questions? Q&A Session with Brenda Hollingsworth and Richard Auger Q: What can Auger Hollingsworth do for me? A: During our consultation, our personal injury lawyers will tell you what steps we can take to access insurance money for you in the shortest time [...]

By |May 13, 2023|Blog|

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