Ottawa Accident Lawyers With a Difference

Here are 17 important reasons why Ottawa injury clients ask Auger Hollingsworth to represent them when dealing with their insurance companies and handling their Ottawa personal injury claims… And why we hope you will too!

Reason #1: National Reputation. Ottawa personal injury lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth are well-known for their meticulous preparation, fearsome cross-examinations and relentless legal research. They win cases that other lawyers might lose because they take time to thoroughly prepare their cases.  We get great feedback all the time about our thorough presentation of our clients’ cases.

Reason #2: Skilled Trial Lawyers. Ottawa lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth are no strangers to the court room. The only way to become a skilled advocate is to go to court. Richard and Brenda have years of in-court experience, which gives them a significant advantage over many lawyers.  Richard Auger has handled 100s of trials.  Why wouldn’t you want a lawyer who has conducted a hundred or more trials looking out for you?

Reason #3: Multiple Perspectives. Ottawa Injury Lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda  Hollingsworth’s past experience  includes criminal defense and business law, in addition to their practice in personal injury and wrongful death. As a result, they have both in-depth criminal and civil court room experience, which they use to provide their clients the best possible representation inside the court and out.

Reason #4: Media Resource. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth provide information and interviews to the media on a regular basis. Editors and producers have come to rely on them as authorities in their fields of law.  Can you think of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer you have seen on TV more often than Brenda Hollingsworth?  No, we can’t either!

Reason #5: Ontario-wide Representation. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth proudly represent victims of accidental injuries throughout Ontario. With today’s technology, they are no longer limited to local areas near their office. To the contrary, they can provide a high level of client service and competent representation even when their client is hundreds of kilometers away.

Reason #6: Education Excellence. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth  both distinguished themselves in their law school graduating class at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law. Richard graduated Cum Laude and Brenda graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Reason #7: Training Excellence. Ottawa injury lawyer Richard Auger gained experience working in the well-known legal firms of McCarthy Tétrault; Greenspan White; and Edelson & Associates. The exposure and access to Canada’s leading criminal practitioners provided him with unparalleled at-trial training and experience. Ottawa lawyer Brenda practiced at Blake, Cassels & Graydon for many years, a well-regarded tier-one firm. Brenda has maintained her close relationship with Blakes, frequently receiving files or agency work.  After Blakes, Brenda practiced at a top Bay Street litigation boutique, Genest Murray. Genest Murray’s practice was almost exclusively personal injury, from both a plaintiff and defence perspective.

Their tenure in these reputable firms also enabled Brenda and Richard to develop keen preparation skills and sharpen their innate researching skills.

Reason #8: Track Record of Success. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard and Brenda consistently achieve favorable results for the types of cases they handle. Please browse Richard’s positive results and Brenda’s positive results.

Reason #9: Client Satisfaction. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard and Brenda strive to provide their clients with the highest level of personal care and attention. Comments from their clients show that they consistently achieve this important goal. Please read client comments, which you’ll find in these educational materials.

Reason #10: Client Services Guarantee. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard and Brenda have dedicated their law practice to providing the highest level of service to their clients. They provide each client with a written copy of their Client Services Guarantee, in which they guarantee the quality of service you will receive.

Reason #11: Prominent Clients. Ottawa injury lawyers Richard and Brenda count among their clients high profile members of the community. Richard gained national recognition when he represented a key witness at the Gomery Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program. His involvement with the Gomery Inquiry followed on the heels of his work on the high-profile Computer Leasing Inquiry in Toronto, where he also acted for a central figure. More recently, Richard Auger represented Karlheinz Schreiber before the Oliphant Commission of Inquiry.  Ottawa lawyer Brenda too has represented highly visible governmental leaders, including the Senate of Canada, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, as well as well-known Ottawa business figures.

Reason #12: Client Communication. The key to Richard’s and Brenda’s successful careers has been the quality of their relationships with clients. Effective communication helps clients understand their problems and the legal solutions they can provide. Richard’s and Brenda’s primary focus is to listen to clients and evaluate their individual needs so they can offer the most effective, efficient solutions for whatever legal problems they face.

Reason #13: Commitment to Legal Excellence. Richard is a firm believer in continuous learning and is a regular participant in professional development seminars focused on enhancing his litigation skills. Likewise, each year Brenda attends many hours of continuing legal education and publishes articles in respected legal journals.

Reason #14: Charitable Support and Contributions. Richard is a member of the President’s Council of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation. In addition, Auger Hollingsworth is a regular supporter of a number of charitable organizations, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Canadian Cancer Society, United Way and the Ottawa Food Bank. In addition, Richard and Brenda support pro bono work for worthy projects. Brenda performed over $40,000 in pro bono work to support individuals with severe developmental disabilities facing the closure of their home at Rideau Regional Centre. Brenda is also an active member of the Child Advocacy Project, providing legal assistance for low income children facing discrimination in education.  Auger Hollingsworth support the Canadian Paraplegic Association – Ontario, the Ottawa Valley Brain Injury Association, REACH and many other worth charities that assist injured victims recover and reintegrate into the community.

Reason #15: Collaboration of Complementary Skills: Ottawa lawyers Richard and Brenda are an excellent team. When you hire their firm, you get the benefit of their collaboration.

Reason #16: Family Values. Richard and Brenda are raising their two young sons in Ottawa. They have supported family, civic and charitable activities throughout Ontario for many years.

Reason #17: Free Consultation. Ottawa Lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth gladly offer an initial consultation without cost or obligation. You’re invited to call them at +1 (613) 233-4529 (toll free 1-888-266-2396, from anywhere in Ontario), or send an e-mail to [email protected]  or [email protected].

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