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Completing Statutory Accident Benefits Forms

If you have had a motor vehicle accident, you will probably receive forms from your insurance company to complete.  Alternatively, you might download the forms from the FSCO website.  These forms relate to your application for Statutory Accident Benefits, also known as "no-fault" benefits in Ontario. In order to claim [...]

Rollover Accident on Blair Road at the 417 Overpass

Vehicle rollover accidents are among the most serious car accidents we see at Auger Hollingsworth.  Whether it's a single vehicle accident or a rollover following a collision between two vehicles, it is rare for the driver and passengers in these serious accidents to all escape unharmed. Saturday, September 20, 2014 [...]

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Why should I hire an Ontario lawyer who has a focus in personal injury after my Ontario personal injury accident?

When searching online or in the Yellow Pages for an Ontario lawyer after your Ontario personal injury accident, a large pool of potential lawyers will be available. However, not all lawyers have a focus on personal injury cases.  The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office get asked [...]

Should I hire an Ottawa personal injury lawyer for my Ottawa accident?

The benefits of hiring an Ottawa personal injury lawyer for your Ottawa accident. An increasing number of personal injury lawyers from big cities are advertising in Ottawa. You might be wondering why you should hire an Ottawa personal injury lawyer after your Ottawa accident.  These accidents include a  motor vehicle [...]

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