How waiting too long to meet a lawyer can hurt your Ontario car accident case

Many accident victims wonder how soon is too soon to call a lawyer after a motor vehicle accident.

The truth is, after you have dealt with the police and secured medical attention, a call to an experienced personal injury lawyer is often your next best call.

Speaking to a lawyer early in the process does the following:

  • Ensures you know how to handle your telephone call to the insurance company;
  • Ensures you know what notes to make in the days after the accident;
  • Ensures you have an opportunity to take the right photos before vehicles are disposed of an road conditions have been altered;
  • Ensures that you know how to preserve the motor vehicle’s “black box”.

A lawyer can also help you to provide early notice to the insurer of the at fault vehicle.

Even if you are not certain you want to make a claim, and even if you are not certain that your injuries are serious, getting early advice from a lawyer you can trust can make a very big difference to the outcome of your compensation down the road.

To speak with an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, at no cost or obligation, call Auger Hollingsworth at 613 233-4529.  We’d be happy to explain your rights, even if you decide you won’t ultimately hire a lawyer.

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