10 Lessons for Settlement Success After an Accident


Want to get the best possible settlement as quickly and painlessly as possible after an Ottawa car accident or slip and fall accident?  Check out these 10 tips:


  1. Accept the help your medical team offers.  Say “yes” to every offer of rehabilitation and every specialist referral.
  2. Follow your medical team’s advice about home exercise, medication and nutrition.
  3. If at all possible, try to go back to work if you get medical clearance to do so.  It is ALWAYS better for your case if you try….even if you don’t succeed.
  4. Don’t ignore the emotional / psychological aspect of your case.  Many, many injured people need help from a mental health professional.  Recognizing this and taking action helps you and your case.
  5. Don’t harass the police officer who processed your motor vehicle accident report.  After the report is final, it is usually not a great idea to call the officer.
  6. Speak to a personal injury lawyer early after your accident.  Costly mistakes can be avoided if you get basic advice early on.
  7. Keep your medical and your legal team up to date on any significant changes to your health or work situation.
  8. Keep an eye on your marriage!  If you are married, an accident can take its toll on your relationship.  Both physical and emotional intimacy can be compromised.  if you need help, speak to a family therapist or your doctor as quickly as possible.
  9. Be honest and consistent when you fill out medical questionnaires, answer questions and speak to your lawyer and medical team.  Normally, the truth can’t hurt you but being caught in an un-truth really, really can.
  10. Hire the best possible accident lawyer to represent you in your case.  A lawyer who practices personal injury lawyer on a full time basis at a law firm that is dedicated to personal injury will always be your best bet to fight the insurance company for you.

The personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth look forward to working with you.  Call for a free, no obligation consultation today at 613 233-4529.

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