What to Keep in Mind When Making an LTD Claim

Were you injured in an accident or are you suffering from an illness that’s making it impossible to work? Are you worried about how you’re going to support yourself and/or your family if you can’t work for an extended period of time? Are you trying to figure out how to navigate the complexities of long-term disability claims and what your next steps should be?

Here’s the thing: the process is not easy. But if you follow these simple steps, you will have a greater chance of success.

Get your doctor on board

Before you apply for any benefits, it’s important that you’ve spoken to your doctor, that they understand what you’re going through, believe you are suffering and support your claim. Because without your medical practitioner signing onto your disability claim, you will face much greater challenges ahead.

What’s more, your employer won’t even approve your sick leave as a first step if you aren’t able to get your physician on the same page.

Treatment plan

Don’t forget to speak with your doctor about treatment and setting up a treatment plan for your specific disability. You will have to demonstrate that you are seeking and receiving treatment that is right for you and are under the care of a specialist that understands your condition well.

If you need medication, you should take it regularly as you’ll have to prove that you are compliant with your medication once you make your claim. And if the treatment becomes unaffordable, try to find OHIP-funded ways to support the continued treatment as it’s crucial to your LTD claim.

Understand and fill out the forms properly

We can’t stress this one enough. It’s vital that you start gathering all the application forms for disability benefits as soon as possible. Read everything with a fine-tooth comb, to make sure you are providing exactly what the form requires.

Take extra care in how you fill out the forms, ensuring you do so correctly. Typically, the application includes a medical report form that your doctor must fill out. And there’s a form your employer too.

Collect all supporting information and documents including all appointments, reports and notes taken. The responsibility to fill out these forms and gather the documentation rests primarily on your shoulders. So review everything for accuracy and consistency. Did your doctor forget to mention a specific treatment or ailment? Did your employer correctly indicate the duties you are responsible for? Correct any information that’s mistaken or not updated.

Submit and wait

Process and send in the information on time, according to any deadlines and requests. And then the waiting game begins.

We can help

The LTD litigation process is complex and frustrating. But a lawyer with experience in long-term disability and personal injury law can help you navigate it all with confidence and efficiency. After all, the last thing you need to worry about when focused on your recovery is filling out forms and fighting for your rights to benefits.

The team at Auger Hollingsworth is focused on helping our clients receive the compensation and justice they deserve. Over the years, we’ve helped many succeed in their claims for long-term disability benefits after they’ve been denied or terminated prematurely. Our track record, client satisfaction and years of experience, contribute to our respected reputation as one of the hardest-working and effective legal teams in the country.

If you want to discuss how we can help you secure the compensation you deserve, call us at (613) 233-4529 or email us today. Or, to learn more, visit our Long Term Disability Insurance Denials Page.

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