School bus injuries in Ontario

School bus injuries in Ontario

One of the most common ways for children to commute to and from school is by school bus. Of those who bus, the two most common ways children are injured on busses is either through an automobile collision or commotion on the bus. If there is a traffic collision, children who are injured advance a typical motor vehicle accident (MVA) claim. With an MVA claim, an accident would be reported, your child would access accident benefits, and you would potentially have a claim against the at-fault driver. Children can also get injured through the movement of the bus, whether that’s going up on a curb, stopping quickly, or making a drastic turn.

Children Acting Rowdy on the Bus

Sometimes children dash cross aisles, and get rowdy, but where does the responsibility lie when bus-riding children aren’t doing what they should be doing?

Rowdiness on a bus becomes an issue when it is part of the normal bus behavior. If children are always standing up, and being rowdy, then the school needs to know. The school should then start thinking about whether they need more bus monitors to supervise the children on the drive home, as well as what training the monitors need to have. If your child is coming home with stories that make you question the safety of the daily bus ride, talk to the school and make sure it gets sorted out.

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