Perth Car Accident Follows Police Chase

April 10, 2013 –  Three teens were seriously injured in a car accident near Perth, Ontario on Wednesday morning.    The accident happened when the vehicle crashed into a hydro pole in the area of County Road 10 between Richardson Side Road and Ford Road.

The vehicle had earlier been involved with the Lanark Ontario Provincial Police.  A police cruiser had attempted unsuccessfully to stop the vehicle before the collision with the hydro pole.

The teens were transferred to the Ottawa Hospital for care of their major injuries.

What Legal Rights Do the Injured Passengers Have?

It is very common for inexperienced teenaged drivers to have single car accidents while their friends are in the car.  This is a major worry for all parents once their children reach driving age.  If your child is a passenger in a single vehicle accident, here are some important steps to take as soon as practical after the accident:

  1. Contact your own insurance company to advise of the accident.  Many people don’t realize that your no fault accident benefits come from your own insurance company, even if your own vehicle was not involved in the accident.  Typically, your children will be covered by your accident benefits if they live with you or are your dependents.
  2. If your teen is not completely independent after discharge from the hospital, speak to a personal injury lawyer about getting an attendant care assessment.  Your accident benefit insurer may pay to have you, or a professional care giver, to look after your teen.
  3. Make sure you keep your family doctor in the loop.  Sometimes when the hospital has been dealing with the injuries at the emergency stage, families forget to involve the G.P. in the early recovery process.  It is vital that emergency records and other reports be copied to your family doctor to ensure continuity of care.
  4. Don’t “promise” your teen that you will not take legal action against the driver of the vehicle.  Your teen may have serious, long term effects from the accident.   The driver’s liability insurance was purchased to compensate for the type of injuries your teen has suffered.  If your child’s career path is impacted, or his / her quality of life significantly reduced, any insurance money recovered will be very important.

At Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers we have experience explaining the legal process to young people.  We would be happy to explain the options to you and your teen.  To meet with us for a free, no obligation consulation at your home, hospital or our office, call us at 613 -860-4529.



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