Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer: Rehabilitation Needs

OTTAWA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER – For most spinal cord injuries in Eastern Ontario, you will spend the first few weeks at the trauma unit of the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus.  After a stay at the Civic Hospital, typically a spinal cord patient is transferred to the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre on Smyth Road.  The goal for the spinal cord patient at this step in treatment is to assist you to regain as much function as possible.

Your rehabilitation will probably be overseen by a physiatrist.  A physiatrist is a doctor with a specialty in physical and rehabilitation medicine.  A spinal cord injured patient will also be treated by other members of the rehab team:

  • Physiotherapists – They will work with you to strengthen your muscles.  If you will be using a wheelchair, for example, they work to get you strong enough to hold yourself in the chair and propel yourself.
  • Occupational therapists – They will train and teach you in new techniques to accomplish daily living tasks that your injuries have made more difficult.
  • Social workers / psychologists – There is often a significant adjustment to disability for the spinal cord injury patient and his or her family after an accident. This part of your medical team will educate you and provide you with resources as you face practical financial and emotional issues people with SCI will face.

There is no quick reintegration into life for a patient with a serious spinal cord injury.   The spinal cord injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth help ensure that patients have the financial resources they need to obtain appropriate treatment with the minimum amount of additional stress and worry.  In many cases, this means working with your accident benefit insurer.

Your primary goal as a spinal cord injured person is to make the best physical and emotional recovery  that you can.  While you work on that goal, your Ottawa spinal cord injury lawyer concentrates on obtaining financial recovery that compensates you for the damages they you have suffered and your future medical needs.  If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, contact us at 613 233-4529 or email [email protected].

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