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With its beautiful landscape and long winding roads,Ontario has long been a popular motorcycling area.  Unfortunately, every year thousands of motorcycle collisions are reported, many involving serious injuries and death to drivers and passengers.  The Ministry of Transportation (MOT) of Ontario compiles and reports 10 year statistical studies of these motorcycle accidents.  The most recent study produced the following statistics.

Motorcycle Accidents: Injury and Death Reports (MOT: 2007)

Drivers                                                  Passengers

Year       Killed    Injured                Killed     Injured

1997       36           993                         2              255

1998       32           1,068                     3              263

1999       38           1,115                     3              223

2000       37           1,161                     1              257

2001       49           1,166                     3              318

2002       35           1,161                     3              311

2003       46           1,087                     6              268

2004       44           1,107                     3             297

2005       68           1,206                     6             362

2006       48           1,219                     5             352

There is no statistical evidence to explain the fluctuation in numbers from one year to the other, although experts suggest it is often related to the length of the motorcycling season and road conditions during the season.  Of particular interest are some statistics on those crashes that have resulted in death.

  • 20%: under the age of 25
  • 21%: alcohol involved
  • 57%: speed too fast
  • 34%: single vehicle collision
  • 73%: during daytime hours
  • 44%: on weekends

It is also interesting to note, that even though motorcycle helmets have been mandatory inOntariofor over 40 years, 15% of those killed were not wearing a helmet.  The Ministry of Transportation cautions all riders to wear helmets to avoid costly fines and most importantly, to help maintain the safety of you and your passengers and avoid personal injury.

Helmets save lives and can greatly increase your chances of avoiding a serious motorcycle injury or death. Ontarioprovides a beautiful backdrop for long sightseeing rides.  Enjoy them with safety and responsibility.

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