Ottawa Lawyer’s Winter Driving Tips

Ontario driving in winter weather is both dangerous and challenging.  Winter driving know-how is key to delivering you and your family safely to your destination without an Ottawa car accident.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have collected the following winter driving tips to help keep you accident-free.

Remove Snow and Ice from Vehicle Windows Before Heading Out

Avoid Ottawa car accidents by using an ice scraper and brush before driving in snow.  Clear all of the snow and ice from your vehicle’s windows, tail lights and headlights.   Don’t rush and drive with limited visibility.    Falling snow is also more likely to stick to ice and snow left on the windows.  Snow build up is limited when the windows are cleaned before driving.

Keep the Vehicle Full of Windshield Washer Fluid

A full tank of de-icing washer fluid is a requirement for all Ottawa vehicles, as it helps to remove ice accumulation from the vehicle’s windshield.   Keep an extra jug in the trunk and make sure all the drivers of your vehicle know how to fill up the tank.  Poor visibility is a leading cause of winter Ottawa car accidents.

Drive Slowly When Driving in Snow, Ice or Sleet

Many Ottawa winter drivers drive too quickly in snow.  Excessive speed is a primary cause of Ottawa accidents during snow storms.  A “safe” speed while driving in the snow may be as low as half the posted speed limit – sometimes less. So leave early for your destination if you have a deadline, allowing for some extra travel time.

Avoid Sudden Changes in Speed When Driving in Snow

Gradual starts and stops are key when traveling in the snow. Ottawa winter drivers should never slam on the brakes. Tap the brakes or downshift, gradually coming to a stop. This will prevent skidding and it will prevent Ottawa rear-ending collisions, which occur when another driver cannot stop in time.  .

Ottawa drivers should also avoid sudden accelerations. Hitting the gas pedal quickly causes the vehicle’s wheels to spin in the snow.  This can contribute to getting stuck..

Keep Emergency Provisions in the Car

Driving in Ottawa’s snow is not easy.  Even the best drivers may get their vehicle stuck in the snow.  An emergency shovel ensures that snow can be removed from around the vehicle’s wheels.  A small bag of sand helps too.  Placing sand around the wheels when a vehicle gets stuck can help provide much-needed traction.

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