Ontario Automobile Accident Checklist-What to Do After an Accident

Ottawa car accidents can happen at any time.  If you were involved in an Ottawa Car accident, here is a “checklist” that can help you take the steps you need to protect your legal rights after an Ottawa car accident.

Remain Calm After the Ottawa Car Accident:

Do what you need to do to protect your passengers and car. If you need to, call an ambulance and the police.  If you carry flares, set them out carefully.  Remember, do not leave the scene of the Ottawa car accident.

Exchange Information After the Ottawa Car Accident:

Exchange your name, license number, registration and insurance information with any other driver in the accident. Do not discuss the Ottawa auto accident with anyone other than the police. Do not discuss who was at fault or who is going to pay for any property damage.  Do not promise or agree not to call your insurance company.

Verify Ownership Information After the Ottawa Car Accident:

Make sure you write down the name, home address, and insurance company information of the owner of any vehicle involved in the Ottawa car accident, not just the driver.  Remember, you cannot assume that just because someone was driving the car that same person owns the car.  Check to see if it is a company car.

Collect Information From Witnesses to the Ottawa Car Accident:

Write down the witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers of any people who saw the Ottawa Auto Accident as bystanders.  Try and get a business card in addition, if they have one.

Create a Diagram or Map of the Scene of the Ottawa Car Accident:

Note the date and time of the Ottawa car accident on the map.  Make sure your map includes information about the location of the auto accident, including the intersection, street names, any stop lights or traffic control signs, or other landmarks.  Try to position your vehicle on the map, as well as any other vehicles.

Get Experienced Legal Advice to Protect Your Legal Rights After the Ottawa Car Accident:

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in an Ottawa car accident, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.    You’ve already been the victim in an accident.  Don’t be a victim to the insurance company.

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