Motor Vehicle Accident Case Study: Liam


What if hiring a personal injury lawyer after an accident could change your life? Liam’s life was changed when he hired Auger Hollingsworth after a serious bike accident.

On his bike ride to work at a coffee shop, Liam was struck by a taxi driver trying to overpass another car. The collision knocked Liam off his bike and damaged both the car and bike. His injuries worsened over time and have prevented him from returning to his job at the coffee shop. Many specialists diagnosed Liam with life-altering cognitive, psychological and physical injuries.

Liam’s Traumatic Injuries

Liam suffers from daily headaches, poor memory, vision problems, bladder and bowel problems, dental problems, body pain and anxiety.  Before his accident, Liam was an active sportsperson who participated in cycling, golf and roller bladder. He even had plans to participate in a cycling race later in the year of his accident.  Now, his recreational activities have stopped completely. His family and marital life have also suffered significantly. Before the accident, he had plans to marry his girlfriend, but they are now distant. He explained how being a 30-year-old with a scooter and cane can hurt his self-esteem.

How our Firm Helped Liam

Our firm helped Liam receive income replacement based on his inability to work and compensation for his pain and suffering. We also helped arrange some of Liam’s rehab needs, including chiropractic care and physiotherapy. Due to his injury, Liam cannot take care of his house, so we arranged a maid service to visit his house weekly and secured funds for housekeeping costs.

Liam’s Lawsuit

Our firm opened a lawsuit and accident benefits claim against the taxi driver who hit Liam. The lawyers prepared him for the examination for discovery and mediation. The liability was clearly on the taxi driver, who did not check before making a turn. Both parties agreed on a settlement at mediation involving both the tort and catastrophic accident benefits claim. In the end, Liam received both an accident benefits and lawsuit settlement. Liam was happy that he no longer had to worry about his inability to work or take care of his house.

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