3 Things to Know When Working with an Adjuster

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Many people deal directly with an adjuster at the insurance company when injured in an accident to get fair compensation. In a large number of cases, you might not need a lawyer if you have a small injury or if the loss is straightforward. Here are a few things you must know about working with an adjuster.

  1. Your adjuster does not work for you. They work for your insurance company. This is true whether they are an employee of the insurance company or an “independent” adjuster who looks after your injury case.
  2. An adjuster may also be called a “claims representative” or a “customer service representative.” That changes nothing; they still work for the insurance company.
  3. The insurance adjuster’s job is to settle your claim as cheaply as possible. Their job is not to ensure that you receive all the compensation that you may deserve.

The majority of adjusters you meet will be professional and pleasant. However, keep in mind that their job is to settle fast and settle for the least amount possible.

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