Knee Injuries in a Toronto Accident

Many of our clients have suffered knee injuries as a result of a fall, a motor vehicle collision or an incident on public transit. In fact, knee injuries are among the most common injury we see in our practice.

In incidents involving slip and falls, our client may have slipped on a wet floor or uneven surface. They may have tripped on an irregular or broken surface, pathway or sidewalk. In some instances, there will be violations of Ontario’s building code.

In a motor vehicle case, our client may have suffered a knee injury because they are thrust into the dashboard or console. A cyclist struck by a motor vehicle often injures a knee during impact with the vehicle or the ground. Similarly, many pedestrians are struck in the knee or land on their knee after a strike.

The knee is the joint that experiences the most stress. The injuries are often painful. Treatment may be somewhat useful but often surgery is required due to the rotation and hinging movement of the knee.

Some of our clients experience tears to their ACL, which stands for the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is located inside the knew and can be quite painful. Typically, an ACL tear requires surgery.

Many of our clients have an MCL tear as a result of their accident. The MCL, which stands for medial collateral ligament, is located on the side of the knee and supports the knee and its sideways movement. This is the ligament that prevents your knee from buckling. A fall or a quick impact to the side of the knee can damage and MCL which can impact movement and require a long treatment process.

Finally, many of our clients suffer a meniscal tear following an accident. The joint discs of the knee are referred to as menisci. These two discs are made up of connective tissue known as collagen fibers. There used primarily to prevent the bones from rubbing against each other and help with shock absorption.

If you have had an accident that is someone else’s fault and has resulted in damage or injury to your knee, you should get legal advice. The personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth can tell you if you have a case and can provide you information about the process and what type of compensation would be available in your specific situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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