Kingston Personal Injury Lawyer

Kingston Lawyer – If you have a Kingston car accident claim or a Kingston slip and fall claim, find out what your personal injury lawyer can help you recover and what she can’t.

For a Kingston car accident claim, there are three main different types of insurance claims that you can make after an Ontario car accident.

The three types of claims that you can file after a Kingston area accident are a property damage claim, a claim for statutory accident benefits, and a bodily injury claim.

A Kingston property damage claim is a claim to your insurance company for funds to repair or replace your vehicle.  That is why most people think they have car insurance.  If your vehicle is the only thing that was hurt in your Kingston accident, then you most likely don’t need a personal injury lawyer, since what you get from this type of claim is probably about what you would pay for a lawyer.

However, if your Kingston area accident caused personal injuries or caused you to miss work, getting an experienced Kingston personal injury lawyer is probably required.

In that situation, you may have a claim for statutory accident benefits, also called accident benefits or SABS.

If you were not at fault in the Kingston accident, you may also have a claim against the driver or property owner who caused the accident.

For more information about how to advance these claims on your behalf or on behalf of your loved ones, contact a Kingston personal injury lawyer today.

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