Do I have a Claim after Ottawa OC Transpo Bus Crash?

Ottawa, Wednesday, February 8th.  Rush hour traffic was sent into gridlock when two OC Transpo buses collided on the transit way near Tunney’s Pasture and Holland Avenue.  Bus route # 61 and bus route   # 98 crashed, forcing police and OC Transpo officials to shut down the busy Ottawa bus route until 7pm last night.  Paramedics sent 12 people to hospital and treated many others at the scene.

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The injured passengers were sent to local hospitals mostly complaining of neck pain, and knee and joint pain, according to paramedics on the scene.  None of the injuries were considered serious, although neck related injuries such as whiplash are always treated with caution as underlying issues may be present.  Amongst the injured was one of the bus drivers involved in the accident.

Many local Ottawa commuters were delayed several hours yesterday due to the crash and passengers of both buses were in shock over the incident.  For those injured it may be several days or weeks before the pains of Tuesday’s unfortunate collision subside.  The health and welfare of the passengers and victims is the most important issue in any accident.

For all of us, the OC Transpo accident is a reminder of the importance of public safety, and how vital public transportation is to communities and the city of Ottawa.  Accidents can happen even amongst the most experienced and trained of drivers and public workers.  The hope is that from every incident comes the knowledge to help prevent reoccurrence in the future and to keep improving our public health and safety.

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