Broken Bones After an Ontario Accident | Toronto, ON

Broken bones or fractures are very common after accidents involving motor vehicles and also where people have fallen. In our Toronto personal injury law practice, we regularly see clients with fractures ranging from skull or facial bones to ankles feet and toes and everything in between!

It is generally easier to get compensation for broken bones or fractures than it is from other types of injuries because, in most cases, these injuries are objective and show up on an x-ray or other scan.

Some commonly seen fractures after accidents are:

  • Spinal vertebrae in the back or the neck. These bones can break during a rear end collision a head on collision or a T-bone collision as your body is impacted by your seatbelt, airbag, or headrest. They can also be fractured as a result of a hard fall or a fall from a significant height.
  • Clavicle which is also called the collarbone. This runs across the top of your rib cage and is quite fragile. We frequently see fractured clavicles as a result of cycling accidents involving motor vehicles.
  • Ulna and Radius.  These are the most common bone fractures we see from clients who have fallen on their outstretched arms or hand.
  • Pelvic bone. Pelvic bone fractures are quite serious and can immobilize a client for a significant amount of time.  We see pelvic bone injuries most commonly during motorcycle accidents.
  • Hip bones.  We often represent clients who have fractured their hips in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents.
  • Lower leg (fibula) and upper leg (femur). Broken legs are quite common. These are strong bones but can be fractured when the force of a collision crashes the vehicle into the body.
  • Ankle fractures.  Our law firm often sees these fractures as a result of a slip or trip and fall accident.
  • Cranial or skull fractures. These fractures require immediate attention because they can also sometimes indicate injury to the brain. Skull fractures can happen when our client hits his or her head on the dashboard window or steering wheel.  We have also had clients suffer skull fractures in cycling accidents.
  • Facial bones. Clients who are struck by an airbag or whose face meets the dashboard,  steering wheel or window may suffer a fracture of the nose, jaw, cheekbones or the bones around the eyes.  Clients may also suffer this type of injury if they strike something on the way down during a trip or slip and fall.
  • Sternum and ribs. The sternum is the flat bone in between your ribs. They are sturdy bones intended to protect your internal organs. These bones may be fractured by a client’s seat-belt or by the movement forward when struck in a motor vehicle collision.

If you have any one or more of these types of fractures,  our Toronto personal injury law firm can help you. We can help you get the rehabilitation you need to make maximum recovery to get back into your life. Where the injuries are more serious and will require an adaptation of your home , vehicle and other aspects of your life, our experience law firm can assist you with all of those changes to help you make the best of your new reality and continue to live your best life.

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