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Daniel Alfredsson wasn’t the only one in Ottawa to take centre ice on Thursday. Auger Hollingsworth stepped out of the courtroom and onto the ice as part of a new winter television campaign to spread awareness of compensation after a collision, slip and fall or other accident.

After an accident, facing off against the insurance company can be discouraging. Not only are you in physical pain, but also emotional pains of lost wages and health care expenses.

As the temperature drops, the number of slips and falls rises. Despite taking proper precautions, winter’s wet and icy conditions are unpredictable, leaving you to wonder who is responsible for your injury. But being penalized by your insurance company because of an injury is what we call an offside.

Recently, Auger Hollingsworth settled a case involving a woman who slipped and fell at a superstore parking lot. The sidewalk was congested with people and shopping carts. Despite wearing appropriate winter footwear and taking caution in crossing the road, her foot slipped out from under her as she stepped onto the sidewalk -leaving her with a broken left ankle that required surgery.  Because of her age, costly accommodations were made to adapt to her current well-being.

For the following months after, she endured the following:

She was unable to walk- requiring walker and wheelchair rental.
She was unable to drive for five months- requiring chauffeurs.
She was unable to shop for food-requiring meals on wheels.
She was unable to properly maintain her vehicle-requiring expensive repairs insurance wouldn’t cover.
She was unable to wash by herself-requiring a bath handlebar, and personal assistance.

By working with Auger Hollingsworth’s personal injury team, she was able to receive a six figure settlement for her pain and suffering.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall this winter, contact our team at Auger Hollingsworth for a free, no obligation consultation at +1 (613) 233-4529. Your goals are our goals, and we play to win.

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