10 Things You Can Send Your Personal Injury Lawyer Right Now to Increase the Value of Your Case

10 Things To Send

Following an injury, there are probably a lot of questions going through your head. Contacting the lawyers of Auger Hollingsworth can help you get some peace of mind. One of the first things your lawyer will likely ask to help build your case is to provide all the documentation you have regarding the accident. This crucial step allows us to paint a complete picture and ensures that you receive the most money possible for your injuries. Here are some quick and easy things you can send to your lawyer right now to help them get started on your case:

  1. Photos of the accident scene. This includes any damaged property, road conditions, street signs and any other pictures you took at the accident scene.
  2. Names and contact information of any witnesses to the incident, including the person who drove you home from the scene.
  3. Photos of any physical signs of your injury, however small. This includes all, cuts, bumps or bruises resulting from your injury.
  4. Photos of you in the 18 months before the accident doing activities.
  5. Photos (copies) of any awards, certificates, trophies, medals, letters of thanks relating to accomplishments before the accident.
  6. Names of anyone who can describe the impact of the accident on your activities, work, parenting, housekeeping.
  7. Evidence of your planned retirement date such as documents to or from your financial planner or accountant.
  8. Cell / text message records that establish you were not using your phone at the time of the incident
  9. Receipts for any expenses incurred because of the incident. This includes any prescriptions, medical, transportation or anything else you had to pay out of pocket because of your injury.
  10. Any job applications (or competitions entered) made in the 3 years before the incident that support a claim that you were looking for a job / career enhancement.

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