Top 12 Things about Being an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

In honour of twelve years at the Bar of Ontario (called: Feb 21, 1997), I have collected twelve great things about a career representing Ontario accident victims.

12. No two days are the same. Representing people, as opposed to companies or institutions means I deal with real human beings, each of whom has a unique set of issues.

11. Actually making a difference to clients. Taking on a personal injury case means that almost immediately you have taken the load off someone’s shoulders. And those shoulders are usually already burdened with pain and other issues.

10. Freedom. Many people are surprized by how much freedom a lawyer has. As long as I don’t have to be in court or at discovery or mediation, I can work when I want and where I want. I may well be writing your settlement conference brief on my dining room table.

9. Participation in the community. I enjoy getting to know people in other businesses, like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, engineers and doctors. Many lawyers and other professionals end up dealing only with people within a narrow field. An Accident lawyer deals broadly with folks from all walks of life.

8. Watching Heroes in action. I am constantly humbled watching people in very difficult situations respond with grace and dignity.

7. The pursuit of justice. Sometimes I have the pleasure of seeing opposing counsel or an insurance adjuster actually come around and change their point of view. That is a very good feeling because those are the moments when you feel justice happening.

6. Going to Court. Not every lawyer loves going to court but I do. I love that feeling a few minutes before the judge walks in and I am ready to go. I like when they ask questions. I like when I feel I am provoking thought.

5. Involvement in the Advocates Society. Many associations are a waste of time. The Advocates Society is the opposite. It is a group of lawyers from across Canada who work together to ensure that courtroom lawyers have the highest level of skill possible.  I am proud to be a member of  The Advocates Society, including serving on the Personal Injury and Insurance executive.

4. An opportunity to shape the law. Everytime you make a legal argument or argue in Court, you have a chance to participate in the shaping of the laws and principles that impact the future settlements and judgments received by Ontario accidents. Personal injury lawyers have a big responsibility to get it right. It is an honour for me to participate in this process.

3. Negotiation. I love it. Like going to court, negotiation provides an adrenalin rush. Everytime I negotiate a settlement I learn something about human nature, business, and how to maximize the results I get for my clients.

2. A Challenge. Being a lawyer at my own firm, developing and servicing my personal injury practice is not without its challenges. This challenge has forced me to become more organized, more outgoing and to really focus on my goals. Most of these goals centre around how to attract and service the most needy injured victims and to provide those clients with the highest level of service. Every day I see movement forward and believe my clients do too.

1. RESULTS. For me the results my clients get are the highlight of this process. The happiest days for me are the days I am handing over a settlement cheque!

Brenda Hollingsworth is an accident lawyer representing injured people and their families in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Brenda is the author of AN INJURED VICTIM’S GUIDE TO FAIR COMPENSATION. If you would like to receive a copy of this free consumer guide, visit

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