Ottawa Lawyer: What is an Occupational therapist?

An occupational therapist is a professional who works with victims of major personal injuries such as injuries from motor vehicle accidents, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and traumatic brain injury to help them regain their strength and skills to conduct day-to-day activities. The primary intention of an occupational therapist is to help the victim attain a level of independence, especially with activities such as shopping, driving, budgeting and homemaking.

Occupational Therapist and your Ottawa Personal Injury Case

If you have suffered a major personal injury such as traumatic brain injury in Ottawa or a spinal cord injury in Ottawa, then your occupational therapist can certainly help you adjust to your new condition and manage your acitivities of daily living.  The occupational therapist will also document your injuries and problems to help your case for damages. Since assessing and evaluating the patient’s activities and progress forms an integral part of an occupational therapist’s job, his or her report and comments have huge weight in the court room. An occupational therapist is also responsible for preparing accurate records, which are later to be used in billing and reporting to physicians and other medical professionals. The reports and evaluations of an experienced occupational therapist can impact the jury and the outcome of your case in a significant manner.

Ottawa Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The recovery from a traumatic brain injury is not very easy, especially with financial hardships which are a result of loss of wages and increased medical costs. In such a challenging situation, it is crucial that you hire an experienced Ottawa brain injury lawyer who will advise you on the best legal options, which in turn would result in a larger settlement for you. An experienced Ottawa Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer can also help you receive specialized rehabilitation treatment and therapy that engages the skills and expertise of a professional and experienced occupational therapist. An Ottawa Personal injury would certainly explain to you the importance of occupational therapy as a rehabilitation tool, and would know how to make use of the reports of an occupational therapist to increase your chances of maximum settlement.

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