Ottawa Lawyer: Ontario motor vehicle accidents fibromyalgia

An individual who experiences a serious Ontario car accident may suffer from a variety of injuries.  A recent medical study shows that one of the effects of a car accident could be fibromyalgia.  While it is not an immediate injury associated with motor vehicle accidents, the study demonstrates that car accidents can predict the onset of chronic widespread pain, otherwise known as fibromyalgia.  If you have suffered a motor vehicle accident, you may suffer from fibromyalgia and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Working with an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer can help you to achieve this.


The recent study that demonstrates a link between car accidents and chronic pain involved individuals who responded to a questionnaire that corresponded with the American College of Rheumatology fibromyalgia classification criteria.  The study also considered the individuals’ psychological health, behaviour related to their health, and any sleep problems they may be experiencing.  After analyzing the data, researchers determined which individuals were experiencing fibromyalgia and which were not.  Those who did not seem to exhibit signs of chronic pain were then followed up on after four years.  In order to assess whether or not fibromyalgia had developed since the initial assessment, the individuals once gain completed the questionnaire and date about their health and sleeping problems was also collected.  At this follow up, individuals were also asked to explain any physically traumatic events they may have experienced since the initial assessment four years prior.


The results of the study indicate that at of the 2069 individuals who participated in the follow up   (46.6% of the original participants), 241 (or 11.6%) reported having chronic widespread pain.  Over one-third of these individuals reported having experienced at least one traumatic event since the initial assessment and prior to the follow up.  Researchers found that car accidents in particular increased the likelihood of an individuals developing fibromyalgia.  To read about this study in more detail, follow this link:


We can see from this study that motor vehicle accidents in particular, can trigger the onset of chronic widespread pain.  If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing serious pain, you should seek medical attention to find out if you may have fibromyalgia.  In addition, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you receive compensation for your injuries.  The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth would be happy to discuss your motor vehicle accident case with you.

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