Ontario Makes Cuts to Auto Accident Insurance Coverage

Ontario Makes Cuts to Auto Accident Insurance Coverage

Ottawa  Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth discusses coverage changes on CBC TV (click to view)

Ottawa Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth discusses the changes on CBC Radio’s “All in a Day” (click to listen)

OTTAWA LAWYERS – Effective September 1, Ontario’s government has made drastic cuts to basic benefits provided for auto accident victims.

Drastic Cuts to Basic Benefits for Auto Accident Victims

These new cuts, which will impact Ontario drivers after their next insurance policy renewal, affect all areas of recovery including medical and rehabilitative benefits, attendant care benefits, and other coverage.

Reductions in Medical, Rehabilitative, and Attendant Care Benefits

Under the new coverage system, an accident victim who (prior to September 1) would have been eligible to receive $100,000 in accident benefits over a 10-year span, is only eligible to receive half of that. If they fall into one of seven injury categories, including potentially serious injuries such as torn muscle tissue, they are only allotted $3,500 to cover all of their rehabilitation costs.

Consequences for Accident Victims and Non-Medical Costs

Individuals without workplace-provided insurance and benefits will likely be hit the hardest by these changes, but they will affect any victim’s ability to afford non-medical costs such as necessary home adjustments.

Taking Action: Contacting Your Member of Provincial Parliament

If you are concerned about how these changes will affect Ontario’s drivers and accident victims, we urge you to contact your Member of Provincial Parliament and let your voice be heard. Visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario’s helpful Contact an MPP web tool for your representative’s detailed contact information.

Contacting Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth

If you or someone you know have been in a car accident, and would like information on your rights and benefits, contact the Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email [email protected] or telephone 613 233-4529.

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