Ottawa Lawyer: How to Destroy Your Ottawa Accident Case

So, you want to wreck your Ontario personal injury case?  You want to make sure that you do not recover one red cent of the money you deserve.  Follow these easy steps and no insurance company will pay anything toward your settlement.

1.  Don’t tell anyone about your accident for weeks or months.

If no-one knows about the accident, you will not be able to prove that your accident caused your injuries.  If you can’t prove your injuries were caused by your accident — whether a car accident or a slip and fall– you will not recover anything.

2.  Don’t tell your doctor about all the symptoms you are experiencing.

Related to number one, if you don’t mention all of your symptoms when you first see your doctor, you will have a hard time proving that a symptom you have not disclosed was caused by the accident.

3.  Don’t report the accident to the police or a collision reporting centre.

If there is no police record of your accident, your chances of proving the extent of the accident and who was at fault diminish significantly.

4.  Lie to the police or your insurance company about the accident.

Fudging even a few details of the accident will ensure that you are not beleived about what happened or how it has impacted your life/

5.  While you are at it, lie to your lawyer.

Tell your lawyer that you are much more injured than you truly are.  Make sure that your lawyer does not know the extent of your injuries until she is presented with surveillance from the insurance company where you are doing things you have said you cannot do.

6.  Falsify your tax returns, Ontario Works forms or Employment Insurance applications.

Once the opposing lawyer proves that you cannot be trusted, nothing you say about your impairments or pain will be believed, even if it is true.

7.  Ignore your lawyer’s advice about what experts to hire for your case or, better yet, just don’t show up when you are scheduled to be assessed.

A properly selected expert can give an opinion about the extent of your injuries and the fact that they were caused by the accident.   Why would you want to do that?

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