Ottawa Lawyer: Following too Closely Causes Accidents

OTTAWA ACCIDENT LAWYER –  In January 2010, the City of Ottawa’s Integrated Road Safety Program is focusing on drivers who follow the vehicle ahead too closely and those who do not obey stop signs. As personal injury lawyers in Ottawa we know that rear end collisions are a frequent occurence.

In 2007, following too closely caused 4,716 rear-end collisions.  This is Ottawa’s most common type of collision.  Rear-end collision account for one-third of Ottawa’s total collisions.  In 2007, these accidents resulted in four deaths and 1,470 injuries, including 17 life-threatening injuries.

Ottawa police indicate that failing to stop at stop signs is also a serious issue on Ottawa roads.  In 2007, 1,666 collisions occurred at Ottawa stop sign-controlled intersections, accounting for eight deaths and 588 injuries, including 27 life-threatening injuries

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