Ottawa Lawyer: Bone Fractures after an Accident

If you or one of your loved ones has broken bones in an accident in Ottawa, then seeking the professional services of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help your cause to a great extent. While selecting a lawyer, it is crucial that you consider lawyers who have a history of successful representation of victims of serious injuries, wrongful deaths and broken bone accidents.

Different types of Bone Fractures:

There are several types of bone fractures. However, the main categories of bone fractures are as follows:

  • Complete fractures – In a complete fracture, the bone usually breaks into two or more parts.
  • Incomplete fractures – is one in which there is a crack in the bone, but there is no absolute breakage.
  • Compound fractures – In a compound fracture, the bone breaks through the epidermal layer of the skin, and hence the name open fracture.
  • Simple fractures – Also known as a closed fracture, the bone breaks but the damage does not include any wound in the skin. There are different types of simple bone fractures such as greenstick fracture, transverse fracture, oblique fracture, comminuted fracture, impacted fracture and pathologic fracture.

Ottawa Personal Injury and Bone Fractures Lawyer

An accident which leads to broken bones and fractures can have a damaging effect on the financial condition of your family. While insurance claims can help you a bit, it is your right to seek suitable compensation for the damages, especially if the accident is the result of someone else’s negligence.  A reputed and experienced Ottawa personal injury and bone fracture lawyer will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you receive the right compensation. Consider speaking to a competent Ottawa Personal Injury and Bone fractures lawyer for an initial, free consultation.  Call us at 613 233-4529.

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