Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyer: What you need to know about Dog Bites

What you need to know about Dog Bites

What you should know about dog bite injuries: types and treatment

While many dogs are docile friendly animals, some are more easily provoked and unpredictable.  Every year in Ottawa, we hear about individuals getting injured after an encounter with a dog.  Sometimes such incidents are difficult to avoid if the dog acted spontaneously without any warning.  Other times individuals, either knowingly or not, provoke the animal, or the dog’s owner does not adequately supervise the dog.  In any circumstance, injuries suffered after a dog bite can range from a mere scratch to more serious injuries.  Depending on the circumstances of the incident, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.  An Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help you to determine if you have a legal case to pursue for your dog bite injuries.

Some of the injuries that can result from a dog attack include the following: punctures, lacerations, tissue loss, abrasions, fractured bones, sprains, scars or infections such as rabies.  These injuries can occur anywhere on a person’s body, but injuries to the face are usually the most severe and require additional medical assessment to see if there is any nerve damage.  If the attack is very serious, the injuries can sometimes result in disability or deformity.  While this may be rare, it is a possibility, so it is very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a dog attack.

The treatments for dog bite injuries vary depending on the nature and severity of the injury.  Your doctor will likely perform several assessments in order to determine the nature and seriousness of your injuries.  Most often, individuals suffer from laceration wounds after a dog attack, so your doctor will treat these injuries by cleaning and dressing the wound in order to prevent infection.  You will also likely be asked if you have had a recent tetanus shot, as this is important in preventing rabies.  If you have not recently received a tetanus shot, your physician may decide to administer it.  If it is known that the dog had rabies, you will be treated for this infection.  Your doctor may also order x-rays if a fracture is suspected.  They may also perform tests to determine if any nerve damage occurred.

Experiencing a dog attack can be frightening and many individuals are not aware that they can sue, depending on the specific circumstances of the attack.  An experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer can provide you with the legal assistance you need to determine if you are entitled to compensation.

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