Ottawa Cycling Injury: How Car/Bike Accidents Happen in Ontario

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that there were no fatal motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists in 2008.  However, 262 cyclists and 9 drivers were injured were injured in Ottawa accidents involving bikes and cars.

As of July 2009, one cyclist died as the result of an Ottawa collision with a motor vehicle.

Here are some collision statistics you should be aware of when assessing your risk as an Ottawa cyclist or when considering what you should be monitoring as an Ottawa driver.

Apparent driver manoeuvres in 2008 collisions involving motor vehicles and cyclists in Ottawa.

Going ahead: 101, Turning right: 91, Turning left: 48, Stopped: 24, Other: 28

Apparent cyclist manoeuvres in 2008 in collisions involving motor vehicles

 and cyclists.

Going ahead: 255, Turning left: 22, Other: 34

If you have been injured in a cycling accident, a personal injury lawyer will assess how the accident happened in your specific circumstances.  We will consider who had the right of way, as well as any other factors.  To do this, your Ottawa injury lawyers will examine the police report, if any, and speak to any pertinent witnesses. 

Injured in an Ontario bike accident?  Call 613 233-4529 and our accident lawyers will help you learn your legal rights.

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