Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer Best Tips: Use Your Cellphone Video Cam

Looking for a great tip after your Ottawa Accident from an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer?

Today’s headlines feature a story out of the Maritimes where a former politician was allegedly caught on a cell phone video leaving the scene of an accident.  The story highlights how cell phone video cameras can be used to preserve accident scene evidence.

Assuming you are physically able, and assuming that it is safe to do so, after a motor vehicle collision, consider recording the following:

*your vehicle’s position, the other vehicle’s position, the lay of the intersection, including any signs, streetlights, obstructions, construction or debris.

*witnesses at the scene.  Even if they don’t talk on camera, having video of the witnesses will help our investigators later on.

*license plates at the scene of the accident.

*damage to vehicles involved in the accident.

*road conditions, weather conditions, the position of the sun, streetlights.

*the flow of traffic in the area of the accident.

I can think of many instances when this type of evidence would assist my clients where liability (ie. who is responsible for the accident) becomes an issue.  For example, if the traffic is travelling in the video just moments after an accident at 80 km per hour, it will be very difficult for the at-fault driver to take the position that traffic was travelling at 15 km per hour, a frequent defence tactic.

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