Ottawa Boating Accident Lawyer: Boat Safety

OTTAWA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER – Early in my career I was involved in a tragic boating case resulting in two fatalities and a severe brain injury.

Speed, darkness, alcohol and inexperienced boating all played a role in that terrible accident. The case took ten years to get to trial and was successful. But in the end, all anyone got was money. Shattered lives remained shattered.

The better route, of course, is to operate safely. has some important information about boating safety for Canadian waters. In particular, I like their take on the importance of lifejackets, even for adults. They make the point:

Research has shown that unexpected immersion in water can place a boater at serious risk if they are not wearing a flotation device to assist them in those first moments.

This is true regardless of the experience of the boater, the nearness to shore and even swimming ability. The body’s reaction to the surprise of going overboard and the shock of cold water can profoundly affect breathing, nerves and muscle strength. Wearing a lifejacket gives you time to adjust to the emergency and allows you to assist others.

I am a pretty good swimmer, was a life guard, etc. Nevertheless, I cannot sit comfortably in a boat with my  kids without wearing a lifejacket myself. I worry that I wouldn’t be able to help them if I needed to.

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