Ottawa Accident Lawyer: How Do You Talk To Your Doctor?

If you have had a serious Ottawa motor vehicle accident, you know it is important to seek prompt and regular medical advice from your family physician, even if you are also seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor.  in most cases you will want to see your doctor before you see a personal injury lawyer.

But did you also know that what you say and how you say it may make a difference to how helpful your doctor may be to your case?  Here are three important tips.

First, while your doctor will know at some point that you have a lawyer, you should not openly discuss your lawsuit or your lawyer’s advice with your physcian.  You should not ask your doctor to write letters to your lawyer or for your case without your lawyer’s express instructions to do so.  Usually, if your lawyer needs something from your doctor, the lawyer will ask the doctor herself.

Second, be prepared to describe your impairments and not just your pain with your doctor.  Saying “my shoulder hurts” is one thing.  Saying “I have difficulty putting my arm over my hear for an extended period or time” is another.  If your doctor is informed of the impact of your injury on your activities of everyday living, his/her notes will be more complete and your rehabilitation may be better directed.

Third, avoid using overly medicalized words when taking to your doctor.  For example, when describing your pain don’t use the word “radiates” if you mean travels or moves.  Some doctor’s react in strange ways to their patients using medical jargon.  Plus, unless you are a medical professional, you may misuse the medical term in a way that compromises both your case and your care.

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