Ontario Insurance Adjusters: Don’t Underestimate Them!

OTTAWA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER – A lovely lady telephoned me once in a panic, because her insurance adjuster told her that the insurance company was going to “close her file” if she did not accept a paltry settlement offer in the next 4 days.  The limitation period does not expire for another 6 months.  The lady was quite surprised when I explained (a) the adjuster does not have the power to “close the file” in a permanent way and (b) that an amount that was offered was open to negotiation.

In his new book “The Virginia Motor Vehicle Accident Book”, lawyer Jim Hurley has a great chapter listing tips to help your motor vehicle case.  One of the tips is very important, as my experience reminded me.

“Don’t underestimate the defendant’s insurance adjusters who contact you.  Initially, after a motor vehicle accident when you are injured, if you are not represented by a lawyer, the defendant’s insurance company will call you and try to make you settle your claim”.  Sound familiar?…”their only goal is to settle your claim as quickly and a cheaply as possible”.  Uh oh.  He points out how friendly and pleasant the adjusters seem while they urge you to settle.  Excellent point.

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