Injury Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth Wins WSIB Case

For a woman in our office who was tragically injured while a passenger in a single vehicle rollover accident, the road to financial recovery has been greeted with repeated obtruction by the responsible insurance company.

Two years after the accident,  the insurer took the position that her injury was not a motor vehicle accident, but actually a WSIB (workers compensation) case.  Injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth fought against this position for her client.

The insurer brought an application to the WSIAT tribunal.  After a two day hearing that took place over two days 8 months apart, the WSIAT ruled that the car accident was not a workplace injury and that our clinet could sue.

However,  that was not good enough for the insurance company.  The insurer wanted yet another kick at the can.  As a result, they requested a reconsideration of the decision (similar to an appeal).

Fortunately, last week the WSIAT ruled in our client’s favour after reading Brenda Hollingsworth’s written submissions.  Now this client’s case can continue toward a pre-trial and ultimately trial.

What can Injury Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth do for you?

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