What is My Ottawa Chronic Pain Accident Case Worth?

If you are like most Ottawa and Ontario accident victims, before you start a lawsuit for damages, you would like to know what your case is worth?  Will you get a settlement?  How much will your settlement be?

In Ontario, damages are determined primarily based on legal precedents.  Your case will likely be decided (or settled) along the same lines as other cases for people with similar injuries that have impacted their lives in similar ways.

One of the top questions we get asked is:  If my major complaint is pain, as opposed to a mobility or other physical restriction, how much is my case worth?

Recently in 2008, the Ontario Court of Appeal decided that damages for pain and suffering (called non-pecuniary damages) for serious chronic pain cases would receive between $55,000 and $120,000.   Damages for housekeeping, loss of income, past and future care and other economic (pecuniary) losses would be calculated on top of that amount.

Every case is different.  If you would like an assessment of what your Ontario injury case is worth, contact a personal injury lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth by telephone 613 233-4529 or email [email protected].

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