What do you do if you disagree with your insurance company’s decision about your accident benefits?

If you were injured in an Ontario car accident, you will likely be covered by your insurance company and may be able to receive accident benefits.  How much you are eligible for depends on your particular insurance policy, the circumstances of the accident, and the extent of your injuries.  Your insurance company will want to gather information in order to determine if you are entitled to accident benefits.  You will also have to fill out several forms in order to apply for accident benefits.  Once you have completed and submitted your application package to your insurance company, they will review it and notify you of which accident benefits you can expect to receive.

If you disagree about the accident benefits you will receive (for example, if you feel that you should receive more, or that you are entitled to accident benefits for injuries that your insurance company says they will not cover) there are steps you can take to dispute their decision.  The Financial Services Commission of Ontario has Dispute Resolution Services which will guide you through the process of contesting your insurance company’s decision about your accident benefits.  If you pursue this, you may want to consult an Ontario personal injury lawyer who can provide you with additional support and legal advice.  While this dispute resolution process keeps your case out of the courts, it is nonetheless a legal matter and the experience of an injury lawyer would be very beneficial.

The Dispute Resolution Services provides you with the opportunity to contest the decision of your insurance company through mediation and neutral evaluation.  A Dispute Resolution Practice Code outlines how these services are conducted and if you plan on using these services, you should familiarize yourself with this Code.  If you work with a personal injury lawyer, they will be able to explain the code to you and make sure that you and the other party abide by its rules.

If you disagree with your insurance company’s decision about the accident benefits you are entitled to, speak with an Ontario personal injury lawyer.  Services are in place for you to contest their decision and enlisting the help of an injury lawyer can help you receive the benefits you deserve.

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