Top 5 Subscription Services For Your At-Home Recovery!

Turn your accident recovery into a stay-cation with these fantastic subscription services.

1 ) For the Film Buff Netflix

When you sign up for Netflix you go through a questionnaire of the types of television shows and movies you have liked in the past. From there, Netflix recommends a list of shows and films you’ll love.

2 ) For the Trend Setter –

Want to receive a monthly package from your favourite celebs – such as Bill Nye, Pharrel Williams, Timothy Ferris, and so many others? Then Quarterly is for you. Read what they’re reading and try out the gadgets and gizmos they love.

3 ) For the Book Lover Just the Right Book

Just the Right Book is like Netflix for books, but with a personal touch. Fill out a questionnaire and their reading experts hand-select the book just for you!

4 ) For the Craftster Whimsey Box

Whimsey Box sends subscription boxes each month with a new craft project. Each box contains a guided how-to as well as all the materials that will be needed to complete it.

5 ) For the Techy Fancy Gadget Box

Can’t reach the shops? The Fancy Gadget Box sends you a fun box each month full of new tech toys. Get the latest gizmos delivered right to your doorstep.

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