Should You Call An Injury Lawyer Right After An Accident?

If you are in a serious accident, calling an Ottawa personal injury lawyer may not be your top priority.  Plus, you may get good advice from a hospital social worker or friend telling you not settle your injury case too soon, before the extent of your injuries are known.  However, it is very important to get some legal advie very early after your accident so that the opportunity to preserve important evidence is not lost.  Here are some examples of missed opportunities if you do not speak to a lawyer right away:

* If you slipped and fell on stairs, the business might make changes in response to the accident in terms of adding safety features, improving lighting or otherwise changing the scene.  If you don’t have a lawyer, you may have missed the opportunity to get photos, an expert report and other details that will help you with your liability case.

*If your injury was impacted by water, snow or ice, the conditions may have radically changed if months go by and a lawyer has not had access to the scene.

*Witnesses are much more difficult to find after time passes.

*Witnesses may forget important details as time passes.

* Damage caused by the accident either to the accident scene, other vehicles or elsewhere may be repaired.

*Skid marks may fade or be removed.

These are just some of the important examples of where evidence is lost because of delay.   It is therefore wise to consider engaging a lawyer early on to secure the evidence you need.

If you have had a recent accident, make a call to get a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Call 613 860-4529.  There will never be pressure to sign a contract.  Just get information you need now.

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