Should I Ask My Doctor for an MRI?

In the days and weeks following your Ontario car accident, you may have questions about your injuries and the tests recommended by your doctor. Though experts have a series of tests they use to diagnosis patients based on the symptoms and complaints they present with, sometimes we are the best experts when it comes to our own bodies. We know what feels normal to us, and after a trauma like an accident, we may have the best insight into a continuing or developing problem. If you suspect an injury has gone undiagnosed, you may need a diagnostic test like an MRI.

 An MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, is the best way to examine the body’s soft tissues, such as the areas between bones, muscle tissue and spinal discs. Whereas x-rays see bone, an MRI focuses on all the areas in between.

MRI’s must be ordered by a doctor and are most often used by specialists like orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. The results must be read and interpreted by a medical professional trained specifically in MRIs, which includes most doctors that would order the test as well as the radiologist that may perform the scan.

If you’ve been in a car accident and are experiencing pain without a cause verified on tests you doctor’s have performed, it may be time to consider an MRI. Injuries like herniated or bulging spinal discs, nerve damage, a torn meniscus or an injured rotator cuff all usually show up on an MRI. Hard medical evidence like this is difficult for the insurance company to refute and can prove essential to recovering the damages you deserve in your personal injury case.

If you suspect a soft tissue injury is responsible for your persistent undiagnosed pain and your doctor has not ordered an MRI, request one. as soon as possible.  Ask your doctor to place you on the waiting list for the scan.

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