Seat Belt Syndrome and Ontario Car Accidents

I was interested to read the following article on “Seat Belt Syndrome”:

So who is to blame here? Research shows that in most cases of seatbelt syndrome, the children were not restrained properly in their seats. If you are driving a child, take the time to double check that the belt is fixed properly and that booster seats are used if necessary.

But what do you do if the seatbelt itself is defective? Bear in mind that seatbelts have undergone a number of modifications to reduce the risk of seat belt injury. As the number of seatbelt syndrome cases continues to rise, action is being taken to completely phase out lap belts from cars.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries because you were wearing a seatbelt that was defective, it may be that you have a case against the seatbelt manufacturers and the car manufacturers. This can be an important option for drivers in single car accidents who would otherwise have no recourse for their injuries. Remember that a seat belt is supposed to protect you from injury- if it does more harm than good, you should investigate your options by consulting a personal injury lawyer.

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