Questions for an Ottawa Injury Lawyer | Ontario Accident

Question for a personal injury lawyer:           How long do I have to sue after an accident?

A:            For most adult claims in Ontario, there is a 2-year limitation period but there can be shorter notice requirements.  If you are wondering about the limitation period in your case, you should call an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Q:           Will you take my case on a contingency basis?

A:            Taking a case on contingency means, that the lawyer’s fees are “contingent” on the outcome of the case.  If the client does not recover anything, neither does the lawyer.  The fee is calculated as a percentage of the settlement or judgment.  If we accept your personal injury case, in most situations we will accept it on a contingency basis, if that is how you would like to pay.

If you need information about your injury case, contact a personal injury lawyer to get answers to your questions.  The Ottawa lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth can help you get answers to your questions.

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