Personal Injury Pro Tip: Get Clear Umbrellas for Your Kids!

It probably comes as no surprise that a high majority of my clients in pedestrian accidents get injured during periods of high rain or snow. The first thing we think about when we see a rainy forecast ahead is reaching for that umbrella, but did you know that the type of umbrella you choose can play a role in your safety?

Whether you are a pedestrian crossing the road, or a driver dashing through the parking lot to get to your vehicle, being able to see the traffic ahead of you can mean the difference between reaching your destination and ending up in the hospital. One key way to avoid this problem is by using any means necessary to increase your visibility.

The type of umbrella you choose may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about it, what is the first thing you do when you go out in the rain? Most likely, you pull your umbrella close to you to cover as much of you as possible. I haven’t seen one person yet keep their umbrella up high for the sake of visibility.

As a personal injury lawyer, I recommend that you seriously consider purchasing clear umbrellas for your family. They are extremely practical when it comes to seeing what is ahead of you and currently quite stylish!

Learn more about my tips for pedestrians in my Ask the Expert segment on CTV Ottawa Morning Live with Lianne Liang – “How Can I Stay Safe as a Pedestrian in Ontario?“

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About the Author: Brenda Hollingsworth

Brenda Hollingsworth co-founded Ottawa’s Auger Hollingsworth in 2005 with her husband Richard Auger. Together, their mission was to create a personal injury law firm for Eastern Ontario that is unrivalled in the province for customer service and legal expertise. Brenda was named an Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 award recipient and took home the Women’s Business Network’s Businesswoman of the Year award in the Professional category. She was also recognized as one of Ottawa Life Magazine’s “Top 50 People in the Capital.” She is often quoted as an expert and has appeared in media outlets such as CTV, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Sun Media, CBC, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, CFRA and many legal publications.

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