Ottawa Pedestrian Accident On Greenbank Causes Serious Injuries

Ottawa-  A 69-year old man suffered serious injuries on November 27, 2012 when he was hit by a car as a pedestrian on Greenbank Road near Berrigan Drive.  The Ottawa pedestrian accident was reported in this article:

The accident victim is reported to be in stable but serious condition.  He suffered head injuries and needed a breathing tube.   Our firm wishes him a speedy recovery.

After a Serious Ottawa Pedestrian Accident

If you or a loved one are injured in a pedestrian accident, you may not realize that the pedestrian’s own car insurance is the first place to look for financial help.  Your own car insurance covers you for income replacement benefits, certain medical expenses that are not covered by OHIP as well as certain other optional benefits you may have purchased.  Make sure to report any pedestrian accident to your own car insurer right away.  They will send you a benefit application form to complete.

If you do not have your own car insurance, and you don’t live with someone who has car insurance, your staturory accident benefits will be covered by the insurance company that insures the car that hit you.  These benefits are available to you regarless of who caused the accident.    An Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help you sort out where to apply for accident benefits.

If you are not at fault for the accident, you may also have a claim for personal injury damages.  For example, you may be able to sue for pain and suffering, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and other losses you have suffered because of the Ottawa pedestrian accident.  To find out what that could mean in your case, contact Auger Hollingsworth Professional Corporation at 613 233-4529.

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