Ottawa School Barrel Explosion Investigated

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour is investigating the fatal explosion at Mother Theresa High school, according to CBC.   The explosion took place while students in shop class were building barbecues out of used metal drum barrels.  Questions have been raised about where the barrels were acquired and what safety precautions were taken.  This tragedy resulted in the death of a popular student and hockey player, as well as injuries to a number of other students and a teacher.

An accident like this raises fears for all parents who trust that school is a safe place for their kids.  Likewise, educators need to know that they are working and teaching in a safe environment.   Hopefully, the provincial investigation will answer key questions and develop new protocols so that no future Ontario student or teacher faces this type of danger.

For more information on school board liability for accidents on school premises or at school sanctioned activities, read this post or contact Auger Hollingsworth at 613 – 233-4529.

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