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Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Claims

Burn injuries after an Ottawa accident | Lawyer Ontario

What an Ottawa lawyer can tell you about burn accidents While burns can be caused by a number of different Ottawa accidents, Ontario personal injury cases most often involve burns incurred during a car accident.  If you have suffered a burn injury due to an Ottawa car accident you may [...]

Amputation after an Ottawa accident | Ontario Lawyer

Ottawa Lawyer-- Amputations due to an accident in Ontario can occur in two ways.  Some accidents are so severe that the accidental amputation of a limb occurs during the accident.  This is often referred to as traumatic amputation.  On the other hand, some injuries incurred in Ottawa accidents are so [...]

Ottawa Injury Lawyers | Pedestrian Accidents

Between 2004 and 2008, 1487 injuries, of which 181 were life-altering, were reported in Ottawa.  Thirty-two individuals were actually killed in vehicle-pedestrian accidents during this time period. If you are ever injured in an Ottawa pedestrian accident, protect your rights by making smart choices at the scene of the accident. DO: [...]

By |November 5, 2010|Blog, Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Claims|

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