Ottawa Lawyer Explains: Your Claim Fails if You Lie!

As Ontario personal injury lawyers we are telling it like it is.  You lie, you lose your accident case. 

Here are 6 lies that will tank your Ontario Accident case.  Fast:

1. Hide past car accidents from your lawyer. 

2. Hide past injuries.  

3. Exaggerate your income loss.

4. Misrepresent your activity level.

5. Conceal certain medical treatment received.

6. Conceal your past, such as a criminal record or alcohol or drug abuse problem. 

In most situations, telling the truth about any of these items will not hurt your case.  If they do cause a problem,  your lawyer can develop a strategy to minimize the impact. 

If you are caught in a lie about any of these items in front of a jury, you may well get zero compensation.  If you are not believable about one thing, you will not be believable about anything.

Keep in mind, your communication with your injury lawyer is covered by solicitor-client privilege.  It is completely confidential.  As a result, you should feel comfortable telling the whole story, warts and all.

To schedule your confidential consultation with a personal injury lawyer, contact [email protected].  Your initial consultation is always free.

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